My New Year's Resolution. . .

is to blog less. Looks like I'm doing a good job of it. I actually do mean to get on here more often but it has been sheer craziness getting back into everything. I've been working on a huge scrapping project that isn't going to get finished in time, planning a baby shower, helping friends move (jerks -- who moves back to Utah?), doing Girl school, teaching Art lessons, having play dates, making cards, putting together a Ward Party, nursing two sick children, and dealing with Dustin's back. If you don't know, after a visit to the ER Dustin is now on a lower back cocktail of percocet, neurontin, flexoril and Ibuprofen. His L4 and L5 are jutting out 8 mm. Tomorrow he gets the cortizone shot, so cross your fingers it will relieve some of the pain.

But other than that, we're just as happy and busy as always. In less than 2 weeks, we're headed off to Tennesse to see Dustin's older brother and his family. I am going to be so happy to get away, although I'm not sure about the cold. I posted the only two pictures I've taken since Christmas -- I kept getting weird messages on my phone from Grandparents demanding pictures. One is the perfect picture of Ellie -- crazy. And the other is of Nate and his first buddy Jackson. They get together and hang out while the bigger kids are off at school. They spend most of their time spreading germs to each other or fighting over the phone, but it's a start!

Don't expect to hear from me for another month ;)