When we started planning our girls' weekend, I had a slight urge to turn it into girls' camp but for adults (ie running water and real beds). We made it awesome complete with a theme (Pajama Only Weekend/POW!), secret sisters and matching shirts.

8 of us managed to get away one Friday morning for the coolness of the White Mountains and the promise of a weekend spent doing nothing. Even our car ride up was fun.

People asked what we did, but the whole fun of the weekend was that nothing was overly planned. We just let things happen as the time went by. 
 only half of us got the memo that this was a goofy shot

We started off with lunch at Oregano's, just lounging on the couch while others ran to the store (ie a trip to the mall to buy running shoes), an inflatable bat fight, sneaking around secret sister gifts, a yummy dinner of homemade Cafee Rio by Molly and Diane and then Wendi taught us all how to screen print our own t-shirts:

Once all the shirts were made, Kristin and I initiated everyone into the Sisterhood of the POW! which meant that we could finally all put our shirts on. Only Kristin would be so awesome do such ridiculous things with me.

I honestly cannot remember the order of events, but I think we wrapped up the night all snuggled up watching Arachnophobia. I love a night in bed with all my girlfriends.

Saturday morning, Kristin and I went out for a run. The altitude and hills may have killed us, but at least we got something in. And Susan made us a delicious and nutritious green smoothly to counteract the french toast and buttermilk syrup we had for breakfast.

Sometime during the day we made headbands, pulled pranks (like freezing Meredith's bra -- this prank is about 20 years old and still as funny as the first time we did it), and went for a walk.

 Are we the scariest gang you've ever seen? We did get LOTS of comments walking around like this.Mainly from elderly people.

While Molly and I watched the BYU game (at which point Kristin remarked, "Looks like our girls weekend turned into a dude weekend"), Meredith taught all the girls how to make sugar cookies that look like us!
which one am I???
This picture was taken just seconds after Wendi and I ended up kissing each other on the lips. We both had the same idea for the "funny" picture.
 That night we played sardines in the dark. I cannot even explain how funny this was. Just know that at least 4 people peed their pants laughing during this event. In hiding someone sat on my head, Molly hugged me to her bosom and Kristin and I spooned.
7 ladies shoved in a closet
Before we hit the hay we played Loaded Questions and then I stayed up until around 3 chatting with Susan and Kristin in our room. I don't think I have stayed up this late in years.

Sunday morning, Kristin and I were in charge of breakfast. I am not the best cook but I'm enthusiastic!

After Breakfast we started on our collages. I know this seems ridiculous -- and it is. But that's what makes it so awesome. Everyone's collage is full of so many inside jokes and funny things to sort of sum up the weekend of conversations.

The last thing we did before heading home? MAKE OVERS! Yes, we hadn't showered or changed clothes in days, but we went home with great make up and hair.
 this was my before picture -- not my "after" make over glamor shot!
It was the best and most relaxing weekend I've had in a long time. It was absolutely perfect and we all came home feeling so connected to each other.


September according to my phone

September started off awesome and ended equally awesome. Well, I'm assuming it will since there are still a few days left. I'll start off with a teaser from our girls' trip. More to come on that later. . .
Torrential downpour lead to massive amounts of flooding, road closures and parks made into pools.

Luke proved why he is my absolute favorite person in the world.

My girlfriend, Maren, hosted a sweet Favorite's Things party. I came home with the sweetest swag.

Some great date nights with friends.

The kids started running on Saturdays. Sadie always has the best outfits.

She also got a Principal's award for being practically perfect in every way. That's not actually what it said, but it should have. The real award -- Sadie is creative and always asks thoughtful questions. She gives 100% in all academic areas.

Lots of time at the doctor with this girl. She amazes me with her maturity and ability to just take everything that comes at her with a smile.

Luke started soccer at school. He comes home very warm from 3 pm practice.

Nate earned his Bear at the Cub Scout carnival.

WE FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON! I feel like this deserves all caps. And a major award.

Luke learned to use chop sticks.

It's Wanda Witch season. You may celebrate "Fall" or "Halloween" or whatever those holidays are. But not me. I spend all year gearing up for Wanda Witch. This year I have a new partner in crime, who happens to be my oldest friend (not in age). We've been friends for nearly 34 years so doing this together is AWESOME!
Tomorrow is our Primary Program. Practice may have been a little crazy, but I am so excited to see my kids up there tomorrow. They all have their parts memorized -- including Luke who has a whole scripture and Sadie who has the 13th Article of Faith!
And it's soccer season despite being a million and one degrees out at our 11 am game. The Tigers did grrrrreat and started off with a win. I'm not sure Sadie loves soccer but she loves her friends and most of them are on this team, so she plays with massive amounts of enthusiasm.
The little three are off for two glorious weeks of no homework, no packing lunches and NO uniforms, so it can only get better from here!