Little Girls

The birthday party went off without a hitch. So much fun. I was feeling badly during the day that we weren't doing anything extravagant, but the girls all loved it. They're all so stinking cute. Everything I said was *the* most amazing thing they had heard. We did pizza, decorated cup cakes, painted nails, watch Twelve Dancing Princess and ate popcorn, picked out hair bows and opened presents.

For the movie I had scattered pillows all over the floor, but they insisted on sitting on the couch -- all 7 of them, plus the pillows. Then they decided that they would *all* be Genevieve. Except for Erin (she was the blue one) and Kenzie (she was the one with red hair). Then when it was time to dance, they would get off the couch and twirl around. I love little girls. Especially those little girls. Such sweeties. I would do it every Friday night if I could.

Saturday was the Primary Talent Show. Ellie drew a picture and explained to everyone that it was how she showed Jesus she loves him. There were some really cute talents! It was one of those moments when you love your calling and feel so lucky to be with the kids. They are so great. Corbin did tell a knock knock joke which sounded vaguely familiar. Knock knock. Who's there? Banana. Banana who? Banana eyeball. Is this a normal thing for 5 year olds to find any knock knock joke with eyeball at the end hysterical?

And for today's big news -- Nate spent the day throwing up. Poor baby. I'm sure my sister is shocked to hear he's sick since he's always soooooo healthy (Nate has the *worst* immune system). Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

One more for Beth -- please note that Erin is doing that weird arm thing again and all the other girls are egrossed with the movie. That girl can *smell* a camera.


Settle a debate

So I was cleaning out Ellie's closet yesterday and I put two pairs of jeans in the throw away pile. Each pair has a little hole in the left knee. I asked Dustin to throw them in the trash on his way out.

Dustin then starts questioning why we're throwing them out, since they're perfectly good pants.

(when reading the following, raise your voice louder and louder in exasperation as the conversation progresses)

Me: They have holes in the knees and by the time it's cold enough for Ellie to wear them again, she'll be 5 inches taller.

Dustin: I know that, but they're good jeans.

Me: They have HOLES in the knees.

Dustin: People pay good money to have jeans with holes in them. No one would even know they weren't purposely put there.

Me: People do not want our trash!

Dustin: Have you seen the children in Africa? They could take the jeans and turn them into cut offs.

Me: No one is going to accept jeans with holes in them!

Dustin: So you want to put them in a land fill to rot?

Me: I'm putting this on the blog!

Soooo, help a girl out! Please tell my husband, that in fact, no one wants our hole-y jeans and then help me think of something to do with them, so Dustin doesn't have to put them in a landfill (can you tell we try to be environmentally conscience?)



We're still having fun -- Ellie is off at the park with Dustin's parents (while the two littlest nap). Today we said good bye to my parents, so in honor of their flight home, I thought I'd give them something fun to look at when they got back.

My mom and dad flew in Thursday morning a 9 -- which meant they had the whole day to play with the kids. They went to "Meet the Robinsons" and then us girls went to get pedicures. Ellie and I were both got flowers and jewels but I guess my mom thought she was too "old" for for that sort of thing. You're never too old for jewels on your toes ;). Went out for mexican and got to bed at a semi-decent hour.

Friday Dustin's parents flew in on Friday and we did lunch. Then all the girls went shopping for baby bows and girl clips. I finally caved and bought Sadie the bow I've been eyeing even though it's hard to match. So I may have to strecth to make it work, but I love it. Also got some new burp cloths and Ellie got some cute hair stuff. We also went shoe shopping and to the mall to look for clothes (which we were more than successful at).

Saturday was the big target run for birthday cake fixings and presents. Ellie and my mom made QUITE the cake. Three layers, two complete cake mixes, two cans of frosting, plus decorating frosting, sprinkles and cherries. We STILL have some sitting in our fridge. It was actually really delicious, I must admit. Plus Ellie had so much fun making it. Ellie also had Kindergarten testing, we did some more shoe shopping, which ended in Ellie laying on the ground crying because I wouldn't let her buy another pair of pink shoes. Later at dinner she told me that Jesus would let her have as many pink shoes as she wanted. And yes, she got a HUUUUGE lecture after that. Some one was waaaaay too spoiled this weekend. Then we cleaned and cooked for Sunday.

Sunday was so much fun. We blessed Sadie at 8:30 in the morning, so we were surprised when over 40 people showed up. That's love. And then we got to feed them. Or should I say, Dustin got to feed them. I loved every second of the noise and the craziness. The only sad part was there was no baked french toast leftover for breakfast. In fact, there was no food left by the time everyone left. Not even a grape. I'm not sure what happend the rest of the day -- lots of cleaning and eating of birthday cake.

This morning we went out to eat for Ellie's birthday, rode in Reggie, rode bikes and then shoved my parents out the door. Dustin's sister-in-law came over for lunch and now I'm sitting here enjoying the first minute of solitude I've had in almost a week.

Here's a few more pictures from the weekend:

And since this weekend sort of turned into a girl-centric weekend, a nate picture for all to love. We were looking for the remote control to our DVD player so Ellie could play a game her grandparents gave her for her birthday (which we still can't find) and Nate decided he needed to look in the highest part of our enterainment center. We then could not get him to come down.

Below -- some more Nate pictures (and the girls too): Sadie and D's dad, Nate upset that my mom's leaving, Nate and D's mom, Nate loving his blanket while being ignored at Sadie's party, me and Sadie decompressing, Ellie and mom decorating the cake, my parents at breakfast holding the gift Cheryl gave Ellie for her birthday (long story as to why it is out at breakfast and why my parents are holding it) and Jake (my nephew) with Sadie -- isn't he a handsome kiddo?


Later alligtors

Well, my frequent blogging is about to come to an end. My parents fly in tomorrow at 9 am and it's going to be party city from there on. So don't expect to hear from me much.

I do have to say, I love the way my house is right before company comes. All my laundry is done, closets oraginzed, trash is out, brand new sheets and towels every where. Mmmmmm, I love the smell of clean. It was quite the task after the 6 monsters. . . err, I mean darling children destroyed it this morning. It was my last day of teaching Joy School. Ever. OK, not really, I'm doing it all over again with Nate and friends next year. But I'm done. I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEE!

So enjoy! M


Hey, at least I'm the first person I know this time! Usually I'm at the end and don't know any more people who blgo to tag. And so here goes:

Three Things That Scare Me:
1. Balloons popping
2. Bugs -- especially flying ones
3. Commercials for scarey movies

Three People Who Make Me Laugh:
1. The kiddos
2. My sister
3. My MAS girls

Three Things I Love:
1. Sleeping children
2. warm cookies and milk
3. being busy

Three Things I Hate:
1. speaking in Church
2. cooking
3. folding laundry

Three Things I Don’t Understand:
1. Why my children whine
2. Why Sadie is a horrible napper, but an amzing sleeper at night
3. Why my husband puts up with my craziness (seriously, he's had an earful today about all my analness)

Three Things On My Desk:
1. Desk? Do I have a desk?
2. laptop
3. Seriously, that's it. The computer desk only has a laptop on it. I'm super anal

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now:
1. Thinking about how angry I am that the kids left the door open and now there are TWO flies in my house, flying around me. . . making me ANGRY!
2. drinking water
3. Thinking about the talk I have to give -- grrrr

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die:
1. Visit the pyramids
2. Spend Christmas in Paris
3. Have lots of grandkids

Three Things I Can Do:
1. Oragnize
2. Multi Task
3. have fun

Three Things I Can’t Do:
1. Sing
2. Say no
3. relax when my house is messy

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To:
1. Your mom
2. Your kids
3. Me ;)

Three Things You Should Never Listen To:
1. Peer Pressure -- make a decision for yourself
2. Anything on FOX News
3. me ;)

Three Things I’d Like To Learn:
1. To sew
2. To cut Nate's hair
3. To drive a stick shift

Three Favorite Foods:
1. cookies
2. chocolate cake
3. anything else with sugar

Three Things I Regret:
1. I don't think I have any regrets -- I'm so happy with my life and I don't want to look back

Three people I tag:
Hmmmmm, who hasn't updated their blgo lately?
1. Beth
2. Lynette
3. Kerry



This is proof that my house DOES get messy at times. People seem to have this idea that my house is always spotless and organized. But it's not! I swear! Today some of the neigborhood kids came over (we've started a little co-op thing) and it was only a matter of minutes before the house was littered with toys. My kids loved it!!

So this blog entry will have a little of something for everyone. Pictures of my messy house (for all my friends) and pictures of the kids (for my family who complained that the last few posts didn't have enough pictures).

Why is when you have other kids over, your own children are the worst behaved? Ellie was mothering everyone, and Nate was not in the mood to share, so he spent a lot of time in time out. I did manage to get some weeding done while all the kids were here. They were loving all over Sadie, so I took the opportunity to get rid of the jungle that was our backyard. Who knew weeds could grow that fast.

My favorite part of the morning was when Ellie and Wyatt were playing doctor. Ellie even decided to be pregnant during a portion of this. She shoved a doll up her dress and everything and wandered around the house showing all the kids.

Doesn't she look fabulous in all her pregnant glory. See how she even knows that when you're taking a picture and pregnant, you put your hand under your belly to prove that you are indeed pregnant and not just fat.

Seriously, my kids pretend play so realisticly. This morning, before everyone got here, Ellie was making us pretend breakfast. She made me my bowl of oatmeal. Just as I was about to take a bite, Nate pops in and says, "I want a bite." So I feed him a pretend bite, which he spits out and yells, "HOT HOT!" True to life, I tell you! We go through that routine almost every morning.

One more picture from the day: Sadie and Sadie :) The other Sadie was off at school, but someday I'll have to get a picture of them 3 cute Sadies. And yes, Kathleen, I *know* it's not the best angle for my Sadie, but you can see her cute dimples.

PS My house is now clean -- it took an hour, but it's done.

and proof that I scrapbook. Kerry keeps harrassing me to see my LOs. I'm pretty sure she doesn't believe that I *have* in fact been a scrapping fool.


It's a beautiful day in the neghborhood

They broke ground on the lot across the street from us. It's exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time. Will we like them? Will they like us? What will their house look like? Will they have kids? Will they mow our lawn for us ? OK, most neighbors aren't THAT nice.

We live on a really unique street. The homes are custom, so the houses go up when the owners are ready to build. Each time a new house starts to go up, my curiosity kills me.

On our street, people have trees and grass and yellow colored houses. That isn't easy to find in Arizona anymore. The moms stay at home and the kids run wild. I call our neighbors "friends." We sit outside and chat, wave from our cars, heck we even go to church with half of them. When the weather is decent, we're all outside chatting while the kids ride their bikes and run in and out of different houses. We watch each other's kids, feed each other's kids, run errands for each other. We send our kids to take butter, sugar or a melon baller over to a neighbor. It's the kind of street where people actually *have* mowed our lawn for us.

The best thing about our street is that I love it. And so I wait for new neighbors and what they will bring.


Party on Wayne. . .

Party on Garth. I love a reason to party, so this weekend has been lots of fun. Last night the EQs had a Progressive Dinner on our street. Our theme was Chinese, so I went and bought some cheap paper lanterns and borrowed a Chinese table cloth from a girlfriend. I even put the forks in a little take-out box. It was sort of last minute, which was perfect because then I didn't have days to stress out about it (not that I didn't while on the paper lantern hunt). Afterwards, we ended up playing games over at our house. I've never had so much fun playing Apples to Apples. (OK, the picture isn't fantastic -- I didn't take it -- but if you look reaaaally hard, you can see my FABO lanterns -- which my children have now ruined).

Today I threw my girl friend Susan a shower (see my cute girl friend --->). She's due with boy #4, so we had to pamper her with girl things. It was a delicious lunch and I didn't have to cook anything, so it worked out perfectly! I can do the invitations, do the decorating, do the games. . . I am just not a good cook. Thank heavens my husband goes along with all my grand shindigs and cooks delicious food for me. I also have to give him mad props for taking all 3 kids out during the shower. He even took them grocery shopping. Alone. I am SUPER impressed. I haven't even been brave enough to take 3 kids to the store yet.

Good times! Luckily we get to do it all over again in a few months for my just-as-cute girlfriend, Jacque (see cute Jacque --->). Yes, she is pregnant. 5 months. You can't even tell. If I didn't love her so much, I'd have to hate her. She's having a boy after 2 girls, so it's time to welcome her to the world of trains, and cars and trucks! I think I'm all out of baby shower games, though. We may have to resort to the candy bars in the diaper game.

And one last picture from today for you, since Nate hasn't had a lot of blog face time. While I was talking to my parents on the phone, I noticed that Nate had sneaked out of my room. It was quiet enough so I figured he wasn't disturbing anyone's nap. When I finally made it into the kitchen, there he was in all his chocolate glory. Enjoying shower leftovers. (At least he knows when he's a mess and cleans himself up).

And wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! New template! Do you LOVE it? I must admit, I found the site from my neighbor's blog. Turns out she blogs too, checked out her site (linked as Janel on the side) and she had the CUTEST template. Followed the link to the person who did hers. . . Super duper easy to do! M


I need to better

If I want to live up to my daughter's expectations of me. That girl is seriously my Jimminy Cricket. I'm a total Sudoku nerd -- I have 5 or 6 books scattered around the house that I'll just randomly pick up and do. The kids love to imitate me, so I let them play with the ones in th front of the book -- you know the really easy ones, that way I don't feel like I'm wasting a puzzle. Anyway, the other day at Barnes and Noble I picked up this AWESOME new book full of Sudoku variations. I'm addicted to it. Today, Ellie wanders over and picks up the book to start doing a puzzle. I explain to her that it is my new favorite book and so she can't play with it. She then says, "Mooooom," (in that silly exasperated voice that kids use when they think you are being so crazy) "This isn't your favorite book, your favorite book is the scriptures."

Dustin overhearing the conversation, then tells me about their conversation on the way to the store.
Dustin: Ellie what are you doing?
Ellie: Just thinking.
Dustin: What are you thinking about?
Ellie: I don't know, just thinking.
Ellie: Dad, do you know what I think about the most?
Dustin: What?
Ellie: Jesus.

Another moment from this week: During dinner, we put Ellie by the TV and turn on the Show Tunes channel which rarely has any songs we know. Who knew there were so many obscure musicals (but I digress). Anyway, this lead to a discuss at the table about which musical has the best songs. Ellie then chimes in, "Jesus has the best songs. Like, "I am a Child of God." That's a pretty good one."

Ok, so usually it's pretty cute, but every now and then she totally catches me being a bad example. I was mad at Dustin one morning (obviously over something dumb because I can't even think of what it possibly could have been), so while we were pulling out of the garage, Ellie tells me to say good bye to Daddy. I told her I was a little upset with Daddy at the moment. She then tells me, "Jesus would want you to forgive Daddy. Jesus wouldn't ever be mad with Daddy."

Or the day when I was angry with the kids and trying to get them in the car (maybe I should avoid getting in the car and I would never get frustrated?). Nate had gone in the front of the car while I was putting Sadie in and trying to get Ellie out of Reggie (the toy Hummer) and he turned the steering wheel so it locked. We were super late and I could not get the steering wheel unlocked, so I was kind of lecturing the kids and being a little snippy. Ellie then pipes in, "Maybe we should say a prayer mom." I was still in a bad mood, so I told her to go ahead and say a prayer (meanwhile in my head I'm trying to come up with the world's worst punishment for their bad behavior). I kid you not, the steering wheel unlocks the SECOND Ellie starts to say her prayer.

Luckily, she has her bad moments too, so I know I still have a few things to teach her.

PS the pictures are of her new shoes. Aren't they "posh?" And I'll add a cute picture of Sadie and her new hair bow. . . just for kicks! Love that girl. Even if she is on a napping strike.



I've got a million little things going on right now and I love it. I love being busy and I love scrambling from one thing to another. Here's what I have in the pipeline.

1. Sadie's blessing. Both of our parents are flying in, so I'm trying to get ready for that. Wash towels, change sheets, weed the yard, clean out the garage, paint the trim where Nate spilled nail polish, plan the menu for all the people we're going to have to feed afterwards, clean out the closet in the guest room. . . Luckily, I still have a week.

2. Susan's shower. It's on Saturday, so I've been cleaning the house like crazy, shopping up a storm, planning games, favors, decorations. . .

3. Scrappy stuff. I've been in the scrapping mood lately. I'm finishing up Christmas right now, so I think that only puts me 4 months behind. Plus getting all of Ellie's birthday invites and Susan's invites out was fun. I've also been working on my Christmas picture album, an album for my mom for mother's day and my blog. I'm sure blogger won't be around forever, so I've been printing off the blog entires and pictures and putting them in a scrapworks album. Of course, all my scrapping projects have hindered my efforts to clean out the guest room.

4. Primary stuff. We've got the big talent show coming up and tomorrow is Presidency Meeting and we're going out to dinner for it. Can't wait to get out and planned. We get to come up with more names to staff Primary.

5. Ellie's birthday. I've been getting stuff for goodie bags and planning all of the festivities. I love girl parties! Of course, Ellie has 2 parties before then, so I'm sure she'll come home with MORE things she wants to do at her party and more people to invite.

It's fun to neglect the laundry!

Before I go, a few pictures for my fam :
My kids NOT smiling like normal children. I guess i'm just *that* heeeelarious
Nate taking pictures of Sadie (he even told her to, "say cheese")
What happens when I let Ellie dress herself ("It's a pattern mom! Pink, hot lava pink, pink!")
Sadie deciding she hates me ;)


Hoppy Easter

I'm so punny! :P We've had a great weekend with lots of fun stuff. Friday started off with our annual playgroup Easter egg hunt. My girl friend Michelle came complete with themed plates, cups, napkins, a craft and bunny shaped rice krispie treats. All of this only a week after her 18 month old had surgery to remove a growth on her skull (benign -- YEAY). Every once in awhile, I think I should find some friends who aren't so amazing. The kids had fun and I managed to survive the craft portion of the event. After that Ellie had a birthday party and then we had a bunch of friends over for games.

The Easter Bunny came while we were at church. He had every intention of coming Saturday, but after we shoved all of our friends out the door, we were way too tired to stay up and stuff eggs. So I got to do it last night while Dustin was off watching UFC. I'm surprised there was any candy left for the kids the way I was eating it.

Ellie decided to boss Nate around and tell him which eggs to pick up, but luckily by the time we got into the living room, Ellie had decided to go her own way and ended up in the kitchen. Nate was able to hunt in peace. It's so cute to hear him laugh at all the places he found eggs. He pretty much ate all of his candy for lunch. Yummm, healthy.

Ellie thinks the Easter Bunny is hysterical. She is always so excited about where he has hidden the eggs. Her favorite spot is always the lamp for some reason. When she found the egg in the lamp she shouted, "Oh yeay! He hid one there again."

Anyway, now we're off to nap and then to dinner at my Aunt and Uncle's.



For some reason, Ellie's birthday party always turns into this soul crushing, agonizing decision for me. I know, there are more important things to worry about, but it really bothers me for some reason. Every year we start off with a really small guest list and then some how it balloons into dozens of kids. Honestly, I would love to have all the kids over, but every year, the list gets bigger and bigger. Plus, this year I feel like Nate should get to have the huge-o party. I mean, the poor boy hasn't even gotten a wrapped birthday present from me -- ever. It's time to make up for that!

So I decided that we would have a girls only party this year. Easy, that scratched 5 kids off the list right there. Then I tell Ellie to name her 5 best friends. She then rattles of 12 girls. How do you narrow down the list? Because honestly, I don't want to have 13 five year olds running around my house screeching and doing that girlie pouty thing they all do when they gather en masse and the pairing off begins.

Do I have to invite all the girls who invited Ellie to their birthday party? Do I have to invite the daughters of some of my closest friends even if they're a year younger than Ellie? What about girls from Church whose mothers will think I hate them if they find out?

Now in all honesty, do I think anyone other myself cares about this crap? No, so why do I sit and worry about this? It's so DUMB! So tell me it will be OK if I pick the guest list. And if the guest list is only 6 girls. And none of them our from our Ward. Tell me 13 girls would not make a fun party. Tell me maybe once upon a time, you worried about stupid things like this too.


You be the judge

Is my friend Lisa a great big nerd, or the best friend EVAH?

About a month ago, I get a package in the mail from my friend Lisa. It's got an ADORABLE dress for Sadie in it. So so so cute. Then a few weeks later, I'm reading her blog and I see she's made these cute onesies. I want one. I covet them. I make a comment on her blog about being greedy. She immedieatley e-mails me that she was going to make me some, but she bought the wrong size onesies and so instead she sent me the dress. Now that she knows that I want some, she will make me some. Of course, I feel guilty because she already got me a present. A beautiful wonderful present. But I still want one, so I ask her to make me just one.

Today the door bell rings. It's a package. From Lisa!!!

Seriously, aren't they so cute?? I love them! I can't believe she sent me five. So you decide -- total uber nerd or super cool over achiever? Thanks Lisa! I loooove them! MWAH!


Sunday wrap up

A picture for my sister. I'm always trying to get a decent picture of my kids together (and have yet to get one, but I keep trying). This picture is the result of Sadie crying and Nate and Ellie trying to get her to feel better. I know they love her, but do they have to maul her? I actually love the picture (note Sadie in her cute onesie from Beth) because I love to see how much my kids love Sadie.

So this weekend has been one of those crazy ones that you have every now and then. Scrapping with the girls (I actually ate the whole night), shopping and lunch with one of my best friends and our girls, Conference, and then dinner with another one of my great friends and her kids while the husbands were off at Priesthood. Then today we saw my Uncle Dave, Conference, had brunch over at Molly's with her sister and family and ended up staying until 8 at night.

Fun fun weekend, but I am exhausted. I've been gone so much this week that my house has suffered a little. About 5 tonight, I started getting "school anxiety." You know that feeling you get Sunday night and you're worried about all the homework and tests you have the next day. . . That's how I feel about my house tonight. It's looming over me, reminding me that tomorrow I don't get to play anymore.

And so I leave you now with a few more pictures of my kids (NOT cooperating with me) for my sister.