PS Intervention Update

I think we're going to dress as Fred and Daphne from Scooby Doo for Halloween.

And I have 40 Christmas cards done. Yay me :) Just had to let everyone know, so you can start panicing!

School Days

I know I won't be able to keep all of Ellie's school papers forever, but they are just so darn cute and I can't help laughing at them. Please note how poorly my daughter handles scissors! She got a lot better as she went farther down the page. I drew in the lines so you could see where the cuts are. I'd say we should practice more, but I'm not letting her near scissors if I can help it. And look at how hard she tried to trace the lines. She did a pretty good job with the straight ones!

Just a proud mama showing off all of Ellie's cute cute things! I wish there were school today. She's driving me CRAZY!


Stay cool!

OK, what is up with the weather around here these days? It's gorgeous for August. I'm absolutely loving it. In the morning it's cool enough to run errands without melting to death and the afternoons are hot enough for a dip in the pool. And of course by sunset, you can still take a stroll or sit outside and talk. If only I had grass in my yard it would be so much more pleasane.

Today was the first official "no parent" day at school, so I was freeeeeeeee for a whole 2 hours. Well, as free as I could be toting along a 25 pound 9 month old. But honestly, a baby is soooo much easier than a demanding 3 year old. Not once at the grocery store did Nate ask if he could have candy. Or if we were going to leave anytime soon. Or who my favorite pincess was. I just cruised the aisles enjoying the silence.

On a side note, I went back to the gym this week after a month long "vacation." I'm reaaaaalllllly out of shape again.


Speaking of mouths . . .

So while I'm on here, posting photos of my son's mouth. . . thought I'd post these too. What is up with my son's tongue when he smiles???

We have a tooth!

It's true! At almost ten months, Nate is one step closer to being able to actually chew food. I'm not a big fan of the drool and the crankiness that come along with teething, but I love that Nate is one step closer to table food.

When Ellie was a baby, I didn't get all the hype over moving onto solids. I was plenty happy just feeding her a bottle. If only I had known the FREEDOM! I cannot wait to go out to eat and order Nate something off of the menu. No more smushed veggies being shoveled into his mouth. . .

Here's hoping that another tooth will show up soon! Although, I'm not holdiing my breath. I don't see anything remotely close to a tooth or a red bump while zooming in on this picture. I do see drool though. Hopefully that isn't grossing anyone out. When it's your own child, you find it endearing.

Later taters!


Ellie's first day of school

YEAY! Ellie started school today. I didn't cry at all (of course I did cry about it 2 weeks ago, so I think I'm all cried out). I have to keep telling myself that's only preschool.

She found her desk all by herself (she can read! she can read!) and managed to stay on task for a whole 2 minutes. But whatever, not my problem anymore :). Then her teacher read "The Kissing Hand" and we traced their hands and kissed the inside. So sweet. When it was time to go, Ellie didn't want to leave. That's a good feeling. Hopefully she'll like this whole "school thing."

Ellie's teacher, Miss Becky Posted by Picasa

Ellie's seat Posted by Picasa

Ellie already bored and off task Posted by Picasa

Elie's kissing hand Posted by Picasa

Ellie gets off task AGAIN Posted by Picasa