December (to this point)

I not only got bad at blogging, but I've realized that I've gotten bad at taken pictures. There are no pictures of the Ward party, the class parties, an ornament exchange, football parties, dinner with friends, book club, pajama parties, Ugly Sweater parties, spirit days etc.

But here goes my lame attempt at December anyway.

Our Elf finally showed up after a few forgetful nights.

I made this up to take to a friend's house for dinner one night all on my own!

 We watched a lot of football -- BYU and Iowa. This day was the kids watching the ramp up to the Iowa vs. Michigan State game.
 We put the kids to bed and headed to a friend's house to watch the game. Thankfully the company and food was good.

My friend Sara came over to help me frost some cupcakes to take to a party so they would look somewhat presentable. We squirted the extra frosting right into every child's mouth in the house.
 Sugar overload is just a given at the Rogers home.

 Nate had a band concert. I could not have been more proud. He spoke well and played wonderfully.

 The holiday treats started pouring in and of course I was still unable to run.

 Cheer competition!

 Luke came to the car one day with lunch still all over his face! It's been so cold here that we actually have to wear coats to school!

 While delivering Christmas gifts to neighbors, Luke came home with this fun puzzle.

 Nate's team won Judge's Choice at school for their Roller Coaster in their science unit.

 One of the two boxes of cookies I brought home from my friend Lauri's EPIC cookie exchange. You bring 12 dozen, but somehow come home with closer to 200 cookies.

 Sadie decided she wanted an Ugly Swear just like me.

 She also decided to check out the letter A encyclopedia from school to read over the break.

And a lovely dinner last night with friends that we love.

The kids are officially on break as of today and it's been wonderful. I sat on the couch and updated this blog all day long. They all cleaned their rooms and played nicely and fed themselves. Ellie babysat for a little bit and Sadie has a friend staying with us for the weekend. In a little bit Ellie will head to a party and I'll take Sadie and her friend to a different party so we'll only have TWO KIDS! I hope Christmas break stays this perfect.