Random August pictures

So I'm behind on blogging and I realized that I have about zero pictures from August anyway. Most of my days are running errands, getting Art Masterpiece organized, planning Wanda Witch and cleaning the house.

We've had lots of play dates and swimming with friends.

My neighbor had a baby.

Birthday party at the gym (I LOVE my gym friends!)

The girls had fun dressing Luke up as a waiter for a very fancy dinner.

My nephew had his graduation party a few months late!

Lunches with friends at least once a week (yes, we are purposely making duck lips in this picture, not because we think we look good but because we think it is ridiculous)

Epic birthday party for our friend Jared complete with train rides, a family soccer game in 105 degree heat and carousel rides.

I was the MVP of my gym for the month. I was so stoked. I work hard for those guns!

And school pictures!! I could not even chose which one of Luke's to order because they were all so cute.
Looking forward to September, cooler weather and Wanda Witch season!


First Day of School Take 2

This year we decided to send Ellie to the Junior High that is closest to our house. However, it's in a different school district than we are zoned for, so she has a slightly different schedule from the other kids.
That means I had an extra 2 weeks with Ellie. She was *the* BEST! She helped with homework, made lunches for the kids everyday, put away all the laundry, helped me with grocery shopping, babysat for neighbors. . .

And sometimes we had fun. We did some clothes shopping and got our hair done.

 One day we just hung out with her best friend all day.
By the time school finally started she was more than ready. She made me promise not to take any first day of school pictures, so the ones Mike took before school started will have to do.

So far she is killing it in Junior High with straight A's! She is a lot happier without the uniform and the excess homework.