Another short update

OK, things are cray around here keeping me busy for updating this. I love September because it brings the promise of cool weather and the structure of school being back in session. Of course that also means the lazy days of summer are over. There are commitments to be filled, schedules to follow and too much to do before the end of the year.

Since I last updated this thing:
*We had Stake Conference -- Elder Perry came (so we made it to both the Adult Session Sat night and the Sunday morning one)
*We went to an Ice Cream Party
*Lola babysat a LOT that weekend
*Dayton and Wyatt came over to play
* We had FHE on the Sabbath Day
*Ellie went to Pre-school 4 times
* I went to a Shade Clothing Party
* Ellie had Gril School twice
* Dustin lost his fantasy football game one week
* Dustin won his fantasy football game the next week, and the weekly prize
* Ellie and I went to Pump It Up on a school field trip (veeeeeery educational)
*I had Activity Days at my house. One little girl's father left her here until 7 pm
*We had playgroup at our park
* Dustin's EQ Pinewood derby was re-scheduled -- and then re-scheduled again
* I went to the relief Society General Broadcast
* We went to a Diamondbacks game with friends
* I finished my Visiting Teaching for the month (and even reported it, too)
* I got all the meals arranged for Shirley next month and arranged for people to sit with Andrew this week
*Lola came for Sunday dinner
* Dustin made dinner for me to take to Shirley
* We finished up our 72 hour kits for FHE
* Ellie got to go to Build-A-Bear for a birthday party
* My Visting Teachers came
* Brody and Sadie came over to play
* Dustin finished his Home Teaching and did EQ's visits
* We went swimming once
* Dustin went to the gym 10 times. . . me: 0 (but I did lift weights at home)
* We returned some curtains to IKEA, put Ellie in the play center and ate dinner there
* I finished my cards for the card swap

And somewhere in there we managed to clean the house, run errands, do the laundry (one basket still eneds to be folded) and all that other good stuff.

Today's plans:
* Get Ellie to do her homework (check)
* Breakfast, hair, clothes, clean up (check)
* Get Ellie to pre-school (check)
* Take Nate to the park (check)
* Read Scriptures (check)
* Pick Ellie up from Pre-school (check)
* Morning nap for Nate (check)
* Update blog (check)
* Lunch
* Go to Brenda's at 2 to watch Andrew
* Afternoon naps
* Clean house
* Finish Girl School Lesson plan
* Dinner -- Dustin's friend from out of town is coming
* Book club meeting at 8

So I guess I should stop piddling and get busy.


Whirlwind Update

This week . . .

* We had 4 play dates
* I did 3 loads of laundry
* I actually folded some laundry too (thanks to sweet Dustin who folded the rest)
* Tommy turned 29
* Jim and Cheryl celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary
* Ellie learned about rectangles and diamonds at Pre-School
* Ellie learned about Times of the Day in Girl School
* Ellie got to go on a Teddy Bear Picnic
* Nate and I spent a lot of time shopping while Ellie was at School
* We went to the park 3 times
* It was cool enough to eat dinner outside, so we did
* Nate started taking a few steps by himself
* Ellie roder her bike, steering and pedaling all by herself
* We ditched play group (shhhhhhh!)
* I did my Visiting Teaching
* Dustin went to the gym 4 times. . . me: 0
* I got to lead the Singing Time in Primary -- best calling EVER
* We ate breakfast with Dad at the "Castle"
* I started on my cards for the car swap
* The bathrooms and floors got a thourough cleaning
* I didn't get anything in the mail that was suppossed to go out
* Ellie and Dustin had Cake flavored ice cream with sprinkles and gummy bears (Ellie picked of course)
. . .
* and I didnt' update my blog :)


Happy Birthday!

To my brother. . . the powers that be kept me from getting your card in the mail in time (ie vast government conspiracy). But Happy Birthday anyway! Hope it's a great one.


It's always Friday around here

So if you remember this blog entry, you won't be surprised that my daughter ended up naked AGAIN at play group today. Same exact park even.

She had sand all over her hair and down her swimming suit, so I told her to go over to the sprayers and wash it all off. Sure enough, I look over and the girl is stripping down. What am I going to do get her to keep her clothes on?

I think it's harder to NOT title these than to actually title them

Ellie comes up to me and says, "Mom, my heart hurts."

I replied, "You know what makes my heart better? A hug." Then I gave her a big hug, but she still looked sad. So I ask her, "What is the matter? Do you want me to kiss it better."

Ellie tells me, "No. I just need to say prayer. You want to say prayer with me?"

And so we sat kneeling in prayer. Our arms folded and heads bowed. Her little voice thanking God for all His goodness and listing her blessings. Then she whispers, "Please bless my heart not hurt."

It was powerful for me to watch that. Humbling.



Ellie did an EXCELLENT job tracing and coloring the triangles on her triangle worksheet. Unfortunately, she did it neon yellow so you can't see. BOO HOO! I just realized it when I looked at the blog. Oh well, you'll just have to take my word for it. It's EXCEPTIONAL!

. . .

Back by popular demand. . . more of Ellie's school work.

And so this blog will be all about school! Ellie now goes to "school" 3 times a week. Now "school" is actually a lo of fun I've determined. But that's the way it should be. Play is the work of children. I've watched Ellie do her homework and she has to put a lot of effort into making those lines. I also know it is hard work because she naps for about 3 hours on school days.

Today as I go to drop Ellie off at school, her teacher asks me if Ellie is always so quiet. I gave her a quizzical look. Ellie is rarely quiet. And I should know this because I taught Girl School yesterday and couldn't get the girl to quiet down. So I guess my daughet *is* capable of being quiet. For other people at least. From what Becky said, she works quietly and even raises her hand to answer questions!!!!! And this is why I will never home school. She doesn't do any of that for me.

So what is Girl School -- I'm sure you're wondering. Every Wednesday, my girl friends and I rotate doing a little pre-school type thing at our houses for 2 hours. Yesterday was my turn (as well as the first day) and it went splendidly, if I don't say so myself. Except that Abby didn't show up and none of us could figure out where she was. Turns out Michelle (her mom) had gone into labor at 3 am that morning. Welcome to the world little Lauren! Back on topic here. . . Those little girls are so stinking cute together. It is fun to watch them learn and interact. We were playing a game where they had to run to the shape that I said, and it was so funny to watch their little legs go all over the living room and to see their little minds switch gears so quickly. That being said, I'm glad my week isover for the month.

And what is Nate up to? He's my little buddy as I run him all over town and back. He is such a good shopping buddy. Today we went and picked up hand towels to make Hygeine kits for the Bishop's storehouses in the South. While we were there I also *HAD* to buy this cute little dress for Ellie, school supplies that were on clearance and about a billion other little things.

OK, I've piddled enough. I've got to get my lesson ready for Activity Days which is here today. And maybe feed my kids some lunch. I've heard they're happier if their bellies are full.


Don't forget that I'm boycotting this title box

Are we ever going to have a normal family picture again? These are some that we tried on Monday. We were all lounging around and I had wanted a picture of the 4 of us together for reasons that must remain unkown at this point. So I made my sister come out and take a few snapshots for us. AY YA YI! Getting Nate AND Ellie to look at the camera was a pain. And of course trying to get Ellie not to ham it up was impossible. And then when I looked at the pictures I realized that you couldn't see anything of Dustin's eyes because of the glare on his glasses. BLAH!!!!! Oh yes, and see that pink box in Nate's hand? That would be the Tic Tac container that he would play with when he wasn't pulling on my hair. It's not like I wanted anything formal. Just a casual family picture would have been fine. I offcially give up.

And along that vein, I wouldn't count on getting a picture with your Christmas cards this year either.


Why do I have to title these things? And other random thoughts.

I mean, really! The only titles I can come up with are so cheesey. So I think I'm going to protest titling my blog entries from now on.

And why is this Blog called "Dustin and Maddy?" Dustin never posts on here. I'd be highly entertained if he did. I'm not even sure if he *reads* the blog. I'll have to ask him. Dustin -- if you're reading this, give us something to read!

Are you a knocker or a ringer? I personally am a knocker. I always knock before I ring the doorbell. I just feel like it's more polite. The doorbell is so startling. If no one answers after I knock, then I'll ring.

I love holiday weekends. Saturdays are much more productive, because I know if I work hard, I'll have all Monday to play. And I actually went to the gym today and worked out HARD. I've been out of the habit for a few months now and slowly getting back into it. We've got Race for the Cure coming up, so I need to work hard.

We rented Sleeping Beauty the other night and let Ellie watch it last night. There is something magical about watching your child watch a movie you loved as a child. The way she wishpered when she said the characters names. . . the fact that she was completely absorbed in one thing for an hour and a half. . .it makes life fun. I love how happy my kids get by the simplest things.

My sister is here right now and that makes me happy too. My kids adore her and I love to watch them interact with her. Everyone should have an Aunt that is 100% goofy with them. Plus, she thinks everything they say and do is so cute and unique. It makes me laugh at them even more too. Love that.

Well, now that I think about it, I'm postively bursting with happiness. We're going over to a friend's house tonight. I am a really social person and any chance to chat is always a good thing. Should be fun.

So basic wrap of for this weekend -- good times, good times!