Cute things my kids say

So my girlfriend and I took our older girls out for a girls day. We went out to lunch and shopping and all that fun stuff. So I'm in the dressing room and I ask Ellie if a shirt makes me look cute. She replies, "Mom, I think you're cute just the way you are." Awwww, so sweet. But does that mean the shirt is ugly?

Nate's cute thing is the word "dude." Dustin took them to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles last weekend and Nate loved it. Totally awesome dude!

And Sadie's cute saying. . ."goo." Pretty much anything Sadie says is cute.


Stupid things I do

Today was a crappy day, so once I got the kids down for a nap, I waved to Dustin in the office and set off for some retail therapy. On my way home, I decided to get the mail. As I pulled up to the mail box, I pushed my garage door opener. I was actually bewildered when nothing happened, and I pushed it again. Yeah, DUH! I have to get out of my car and open the mailbox with a key. What was I thinking?

It reminded me of the time when I was multi-tasking one sleepless morning after Sadie was born. I opened my bathroom drawer to get a hair brush out, but instead I spit my tooth paste into the drawer.

And don't even get me started on why I was crying about the dentist today. I feel like every day, little bugs must be eating away at my brain cells. When they nibble away one at a time, you almost don't notice.


Mommy brag

I've been wanting to change the name of our blog forever since Dustin never actually posts and I don't think he should get any credit ;). I didn't even know it was possible until Michelle did it.

So the other night I'm at book club and everyone was asking how it was working out having Dustin work at home. I had to confess that I love it! While I was listing all the benefits, my girl friend Jacque bursts out, "Maddy, I don't think you can get any more spoiled. Dustin cooks, does the grocery shopping (of course he does the shopping -- how would I know what to buy? I don't cook!), helps with the laundry, cleans (I didn't correct her on this one -- PUH LEASE! Like Dustin ever has to pick anything up). . ." And it's true! I have the best husband!

And now I have to tell you one more way I'm spoiled -- her name is Sadie. She is the world's sweetest baby. And she sleeps 10 hours, straight through, at night. Yes, since 8 weeks old, she has been sleeping until 7:30/8 in the morning. Spoiled rotten I tell you!


Night time stories

After we put Nate down for the night, we let Sadie lay in Ellie's bed for awhile and cuddle. Ellie takes the time to tell her stories, sing songs, smother her with stuffed animals. . . Last night she decided to tell Sadie about Jesus.
You lived with Jesus before Mommy popped you out. You have to be good so you can live with Jesus again. Jesus lives in your heart and in Heaven. Heaven is a very high place. Through space I think.

Love those girls!


Happy St. Patrick's Day

We're not Irish, but Ellie is really into holidays, so we celebrated anyway. We all wore green, went to Trader Joe's (corn beef and cabbage samples) and had Cafe Rio lunch. The Irish discovered Mexico, right??? ;) Ellie and Nate are running around in the sprinklers now because it's stinking hot!

Nate woke up to a great surprise. At the party last night, they had sugar cookies decorated like sports balls and I brought a few home for Nate. He found them while I was getting him a glass of milk and chowed down. Too bad I couldn't pinch him -- he's so cute!



I love Fridays -- the anticipation of the weekend is so much better than the actual weekend itself. Saturday and Sunday always end up being less exciting than expected, and usually more stressful too, but the Friday build up makes up for it.

Today we've been to the gym, playgroup, lunch with friends, and over to my girl friend's house to scrap. Now we're home and Sadie and Nate are napping while I count the hours until I can pick up the babysitter. Twice in one week -- I'm spoiling myself.

Tonight we're off to see our friend Jackson's big premiere on Joes Vs. Pros. It's on Spike if you've never heard of it. Regular guys take on former professional athletes. Jackson's episode aired last night, but tonight his family is throwing a huge party to watch it. We watched the first half of it last night and I LOVED it! All sorts of trash talking. It was even more fun to watch because we knew he won, so he lived up to our expectations. Can't wait to see it all tonight.

Happy weekend!


Stop bugging me mom

I haven't taken any pictures of the kids lately, so you "get what you get and you don't throw a fit." I will pacify my mom and post what I have since she's all alone and keeps calling asking for pictures. My sister is off in Egypt for spring break and my dad is down under so she's stuck at home -- all alone. She doesn't even have Tivo. Sorry mom -- now you know who loves you best ;)! Sadie in the bath -- yes, she has Dustin's ears. It's a good thing she's a girl because we can cover them with long hair. Of course, I'm her mom so I think they're adorable, but I realize the rest of the world may not. People say she looks just like Ellie, but I don't see it. In the future, I'll have to put up some pictures comparing them and we can play a little guessing game.

When Dustin went to Germany, he also took a little trip to Rome for the weekend (how come I'm the only one in my family NOT going anywhere exotic this month?) and brought the kids back these very cool shirts. Ellie specifically requested the "Shella Bella" (as she calls it) shirt since she grew out of the one my sister got her last summer. Nate's is a soccer jersey with "Totti" across the back. I was telling Dustin that there probably wasn't even a player named Totti and the Italian street vendors were laughing at all the tourists. "Look what the dumb American bought! They don't even know what it means. They'll buy anything." And that Totti was probably some swear word. I say this only because I have a vivid memory of my childhood in Asian and remembering all the strange sayings people wore around with no clue what it meant. They just wanted something in English. I am happy to report, after some googling, that Totti is the Captain of the Roma Soccer Club. PHEW!


Spring Break

WOO HOO! We're living it up over here ;) Seriously, we're still in our PJs at 9 am even though I have a meeting here in less than an hour. Yesterday by this time, I had been to the gym, showered, done my hair, cleaned the house. . . I think it's impossible to be productive two days in a row.

Dustin is off in California. I miss him, but I sercetly enjoyed having the bed all to myself again.

We've got another Bounce U party today. Apparently Bounce U is the "it" place to have a birthday party this year since Ellie was just there 2 weeks ago. The birthday season has officially begun! I've realized that in Arizona, all children are born between the months of February and early June because no one wants to be pregnant over the summer.

Nate has renamed the color pink. He now calls it "Ellie."

Seriously, how is it that March is already half way over??? I'd better get busy doing something!


I am woman. .

Hear me roar. I did -- well almost. For those who don't know, Dustin has been in Germany for the last 2 weeks and he is coming home TONIGHT! Before he left, I was literally terrified of being left alone with 2 kids and a 5 week old for two weeks, but we did it. And it wasn't that bad. In fact, I kind of liked it. I didn't even sit in bed and cry or have a mental break down. My house stayed clean, I did the laundry. . .showered almost every day ;). . . and spent a lot of time on the phone. Of course I did pray for sanity and patience daily and I do have the BEST BEST BEST friends who helped out whenever I needed it. I know I say that all the time, but I am so blessed.

And speaking of laundry -- I just want to give a shout out to Spray N Wash Dual Power. That stuff is amazing. My mom bought some while she was here and I love it. Sadie pooped out of two outfits last week and I stupidly washed them and dried them without thinking about it. Of course I took them out of the dryer and the stains were still there. Then I re-washed them after treating them with the Spray N Wash. GONE! It's my new MUST HAVE.

On tap for this weekend:
Massage and pedicure (courtesy of my hubbie)
Sharing Time (haven't even started preparing)
Meetings galore (love love love those)
sleep :)

PS If you need any huge favors from me, now is the time to ask. I'm practically giddy counting down the hours. TGIF!



The anticipation is killing me! Rations are running slim, excitement is high. . . so close and yet so far. We're down to our last half gallon of milk, the last 20 diapers, the last few cookies. . . I think we may survive without a single trip to the store.

So I tried to catch Sadie smiling the other day while she was in her swing. It resulted in a bunch of strange faces, but you get the picture. She's much cuter in person of course.

Yesterday Ellie went to girl school with all of her buddies, got to stay at Lexie's to play longer and for lunch, then Lexie's mom took them to Ikea and out for treats. . . she came home and went on a bike ride with all the neighborhood kids, then all the Lamb boys ended up over here to play (who knew boys would want to play doll house so badly). . .finally sent them all home in time to take the kids to Molly's for dinner where Ellie got to play with Lindsay, Caroline and Hayden. So we're in the car riding home at 8:30 at night and Ellie asks if I'll play barbies with her when we get home. I told her it was time for bed when we got home to which she replied, "BED? It's so BORING! I never get to have any fun." WAHHHHHHH? I feel like I'm taking CRAZY pills (guess the movie quote).

And Nate once again has a split lip. I love my boy! He thinks he is very grown up now and can run wild with all the neighborhood boys (our street has 12 boys and only 5 girls -- 3 of which are named Sadie, I kid you not). Yesterday I was dropping him off at a neighbors -- he hopped out of the car, blew me a kiss, yelled "Bye mama," pushed me into the car and ran to the door. Sniff sniff. Where did my baby go? I guess I have a new one now, but you'd think he could at least want me to walk him to the door.

And have you ever noticed that I am the queen of tangents? OK, I need to actually FEED Ellie before I send her to school and the blackberry isn't going to do it for me (yes, the blackberry came and you wouldn't believe the quality of food we've been eating ;)


Boogers, bows and boys

We survived the weekend! WOO HOO! And I even managed to get all three kids dressed and out the door by 9 am (plus I showered myself -- AMAZING). The picture is in case you needed proof.

This morning we were off to a dress party. I guess these are the next big thing around here. Someone comes to your home with *scads* of dresses that are all marked down. Ellie got to pick out one dress and this is what we ended up with. My friends Molly and Meredith were there as well with their bows/towels/bibs etc. so Sadie came home with a few new hair accessories as well as some for my new neice Alison (born on Thursday). The picture is for my mom to pick which ones she wants me to send to Ali.

Nate spent the afternoon out with my neighbor and her kids. She got them McDonald's and took them to the park for a few hours. I asked him what he did: "Run. . .round and round." Then I asked him if he went on the slide. "Yes, slide. Weeeeeee." Gotta love my boy -- a boy of few words.
Mom- if you click on it, you can see the bows better. And let me know if you want a flower like Sadie.
And Sadie spent the day being carted around and sleeping. . . and having boogers wiped off her face. Nothing like snot in your nose to make you look cute, right?

Tonight is a Ward dinner -- I signed up for salsa thinking I could easily bring a jar of salsa, but now I'm thinking people are actually going to expect homemade salsa. I was debating on whether or not I should just dump the jar out into another container to make it "look" homemade, but then Dustin told me that people can tell by looking at it. Plus, I'm pretty sure no one expects much from me in the cooking department. Happy Monday



Just a picture of my kiddos the other night all ready for bed. Nate and Ellie spent about half an hour running laps around Sadie. Ellie was counting laps the entire time until she got to about 40 and then she switched to "a google." Google one, google two. . . all the way to a google nine. Then she wasn't sure what came next so she and Nate chanted "google nine" for the last ten minutes. Sadie loved every minute of it and Nate sat in his bed forever yelling it.

And where did "a google" come from? "Hey mom, do you know what the biggest number in the world is? A google. Daddy told me."
Ellie also learned to blow a bubble this week -- something that she has been working on for a long long time. Of course it helps that my Aunt sent her a gigantic container of bubble gum. There's probably a google pieces in there ;). Forgive the scuzz hair in the picture -- it was right before bath time, and please note the gigantic scrape she has on her face. That appeared right before picture day of course. GRRRRR!

The other night my girlfriend Michelle brought over a delicious lasagna, some garlic bread and salad (plus some cookie dough which I saved for myself). Nate surprised meby eating the entire bag of salad (less what I coulf eat before he begged for more). Seriously -- what kind of kid likes salad?

My kids are currently eating cereal and orange juice brought over by another awesome friend -- Kerry. Plus, I've got my girlfriends coming over to scrapbook with me tonight. I can't say it enough -- I am so lucky. I was telling my sister about how great my friends were and she told me that I remind her of a car commercial. The one where the mom picks the little girl up from the party and the little girl asks her mom what spoiled means. Her mom says, "Why, did someone say that about you?" And the little girl says, "Noooo, they said it about you." And it's true-- I am so spoiled!!! Great kids great husband, great family, great neighbors and great friends. Who needs anything more?

Love you all! MWAH!