Better late than never

OK, so I was going through my pictures when I came across these and I was laughing all over again. I meant to post them way back when, but time got the better of me and months passed. . .so they're going up today!

A few friends and I spent last year decorating each other's yards on our birthdays. It ranged from heart-attacks, to McDonald's cups, pop rocks and even altered fly swatters (don't ask why, we're just crazy). Anyway, in an attempt to keep my yard clean, I lied about my birthday. I told everyone it was february 15th. So my birthday passes. I got a very nice Target gift card and some other cool stuff. WHEW! I'm off the hook. Well February 15th, the doorbell rings (we also like to be really mature and doorbell ditch) and sure enough my yard has been decorated it. Of course there was the really large LIAR sign. Gotta love that one. And all the little hearts had little comments like WWJD? Or There goes your temple recomment. It was stinking funny. And who could forget the confetti? Probably my favorite part :P I'm still finding random pink heart confetti.

The LIAR part of the sign was done in this super cute paper and the letters were the big nice block kind and they were decorated so cute that I had to keep them. So I put them in my office/scraproom, which is also our guest room. So of course nay time someone stays over they *have* to know the story. The funniest was my mother who was freaking out about the signs (she was here while we were out of town, so she couldn't even ask me). And so that is the story.


I was just on the phone with a friend asking her when the girls started pre-school again. September 5th. I have TWO.WHOLE.MONTHS.LEFT. Seriously, shoot me now. I'm not going to make it through the summer.



Soooo, I actually decided to put some pictures up on here. The kids actually got haircuts! I chopped Ellie's off. She looks so much cuter with short hair, gets waaaay less tangles and it's so much cooler for the summer. It looks adorable on her most of the time. We've been swimming every day for 3 weeks, so I've let it "air dry" and it has my unfortunate wave to it. But it looks really great on Sundays and Monday mornings.

Nate's haircut was long overdue. My girlfriend said she'd do it one day when we were scheduled to come over and play, but then her little boy got sick, and then my kids got sick, and then her kids got sick again. . . it was a vicious cycle where we never saw each other, so Nate's hair grew longer and longer. Of course I didn't want to offend her, so I rejected BOTH my neighbors offers to buzz his head for me (their both hairdressers). So Nate continued to use his hair to store food, liquids. . .whatever he thought he might need later on.

So 2 weeks ago, he finally got it cut. YEAY! He's so cute all buzzed, and I made sure it was a 3 this time. In this picture, he's doing Ellie's chore -- putting away the silverware. The silverware was sitting on the counter all morning, so after lunch, Nate pulls over a stool and starts putting them in the drawer (not in the right slots, but I'll take what I get!). So I run to get the camera and then suddenly Ellie is soooooooooobing because she wants to be in the pictures (see picture below to witness Ellie's selfish attempts to get in a picture by kissing her brother and pretneding she likes him). And of course she's FREAKING out because that's *her* chore. Like they hadn't been sitting on the counter ignored for the last 4 hours. I thought it was so smart of Nate to figure that all out.

And that's all the pictures I've got right now. Susan took some pictures of the kids when we went boating last weekend, so I'll have to upload those when she sends them over, but I doubt they'll get up before I leave town. Can't wait for some cooler weather :)



OK, so I haven't updated in a week. Sooooooooooory ;)

Not much to report.
Nate has been throwing up since last night. YEAY!
Ellie started swim lessons last week.
Dustin still has a job.
I, um, I don't know what I do all day.

Silly Nate story: Nate thinks every animal says MEOW. So he'll see a kitty and say, "meow." Then he'll see a dog and chase it around saying, "meow." The best was when he saw a cow the other day. Sure enough, "meeeeeeeeow."

Silly Ellie story: Ellie and I were pretending to be Charlie and Lola last night. So we're playing and Nate wanders in the room and I ask Ellie who Nate should be. She says, "Nate can be Charelie's friend. What's his name?" Well I couldn't remember his name and I told her that. Ellie says, "I think his name is Muff." "No," I said suddenly remembering his name, "It's Mark." So Ellie and I argue back and forth a little bit whether it's Mark or Muff. Finally I say, "Ellie, Muff isn't even a name. Have you ever met a person named Muff?"
"Yeah mom, Charlie's friend."
Like DUH! So sure enough, nate was Muff for the rest of the evening.