Summer Goals

Every year the summer seems to drag out forever and I accomplish very little other than spending endless days by the pool, increasing my risk of skin cancer. So this year, I'm setting a few goals to achieve -- and I encourage everyone to do the same.

1. I *will* cook dinner once a week. Actually, after a nice round of "Maddy doesn't cook dinner" mockery, I've been cooking dinner all week. Who doesn't love scrambled eggs and toast for dinner?

2. Bake more with the kids. Ellie was over at my girl friend's one day baking cookies and Ellie told Jen, "I do this all the time with my mom." Jen was a little surprised and asked Ellie what kind of cookies we make. Ellie snitched, "The kind that come in a bag and you put the little squares on the pan." I've been ratted out. So I plan on baking at least twice with the kids this summer. This is a lofty goal for me.

3. Potty train Nate. Oh yeah, it's happening. Whether he wants it to or not.

4. Finish my thank you cards for Sadie's birth and Ellie's birthday. yeah. . .that's embarrassing.

5. Christmas cards. You know you're all jealous that I get mine done in July.

I'm sure there are more things I *want* and *should* do, but if I add any more, I won't accomplish anything at all. So we're setting the bar low!


What's Shakin'

Well it's that time of year. . . we've just been busy with all the end of year stuff. Ellie is officially done with Pre School. WOO HOO! And today was our last little Joy School party. Tomorrow is the official start of the summer -- Summer Movies.

We had a great long weekend, ending with swimming and a BBQ at our friend's house. It was so much fun and a little chaotic since there were 15 small children running around the house, but still relaxing. Please note the massive amount of children in the picture. I was pretty sure we were never going to get them all fed and happy at the same time.

In other news. . . Ellie's teeth. Ellie was involved in a little accident at the play area of the gym where her two front teeth were popped up into her gums. The picture is after she visited our Dentist (who was sweet enough to stay open after hours so Ellie could come in). She was super brave and let him pop her teeth back in socket. poor thing was so bloddy and swollen. We're hoping the teeth aren't dead, but it's not looking too good. It's been 4 days and they are still loose. She's on an all liquid diet (since she can't bite) and it is killing her. The other day she saw me brushing my teeth and started crying. "I wish I could brush my teeth." "I wish I could eat carrots." Things you never think you'll hear form your 5 year old.

I'm also unsuccessfully potty training Nate. I thought it would be easier since it's summer and we have more opportunities to be home all day, but that kid can hold his bladder like none other. He'll sit on the potty, run around in underwear, but when it's time to pee, he insists on putting on a diaper. So I think we're going to put that on the back burner for awhile.

Sadie is as sweet as ever. No huge new things there. Still a horrible napper, but I've gotten over it. She'll figure it out someday -- I hope. She's found her feet and loves to shriek -- so I always know when she's awake because she'll be jabbering away to herself. In the picture she has her beautiful knit blanket from my mom. She enjoys chewing on it -- thanks mom!

Speaking of jabbering -- I hear her now.


Freaking Out

A few weeks ago, Nate had a birthday party to attend. Dustin wanted to take Ellie to the gym during the party, so he asked if I would take Sadie to the party with me. I said yes, as it was *suppose* to work perfectly with Sadie's schedule. Of course the kids woke her up an hour early and suddenly everything wasn't working out as perfectly as I had it planned in my head. In the middle of my spazz mode, Dustin tells me that I should always have a plan B in mind, so I don't get so stressed when everything doesn't work according to *MY* inital plans. I told him that I always have a plan B: Freaking Out.

I am slightly obsessive and organized and I like everything to fit into my little mold of the world. I'm sure all of you are sitting there laughing as you think about the tight schedule I keep poor little Sadie on (and Michelle's attempts to sabatoge that schedule). So yesterday was one of those days when nothing was working out like it should -- and then I couldn't find my driver's licence. I reached full freak out mode after about 30 minutes of looking for it. Dustin walks out of the office to find me surrounded by piles of laundry and bags on the floor of the laundry room. . .sobbing.

"Is this *just* about your licence?" he asks. Why yes! Yes it is! Seriously, why am I so obseesive that I can't let these little things slide? I need some help people. The good thing is -- you can order a duplicate on-line so I don't actually have to go the DMV. And Dustin found his lost wedding ring while looking for my licence. I can't figure out why I let such small things get to me. Am I the only one? Is there a 12 step program I can join? I need help!

The bright spot in the day -- the guest bathroom is now officially apple green.


It's been awhile

So it's been over a week. My sunburn is gone (although I'm peeling from it), Susan had her baby (8 lbs 9 oz and they named him Porter) and two of my great friends had birthdays (Happy Birthday Michelle and Shanna). So I've been busy celebrating all these important events in my friend's lives. I've just had too much fun decorating yards and holding a brand new baby boy.

This week, my sister and I also figured out how to video chat and it has been so much fun. Probably more fun for my sister and parents who got to watch the kids run around and be crazy, but my kids love to put on a show. My kids will probably sit at dinner one night and ask incredulously, "But what did you do before video chat?" One night my parents called and I asked who wanted to talk to Grandma and Papa. Nate ran to the computer. When I told him they were on the phone, he looked disgusted. Like how ghetto was I for thinking he would be happy with just the phone. And Ellie asked me yesterday, "When are we going to video chat with Lola today?" So glad "video chat" is aprt of you every day vocabulary now!

Another joy I've discovered this week -- school shopping. Ellie's school has a uniform policy -- meant to stifle creativity I'm sure, but I have slowly discovered the joy of finding clothing that fits the uniform code AND is cute at the same time. I found Ellie two pairs of adorable bermuda shorts, on sale, and I haven't stopped talking about them since. I even made her try them on for my family in video chat!

Then to top an already fun week off, we went to the splash park with all our friends yesterday, then I got to scrap with some of my funniest friends last night, and tonight is our Stake Fair. I get to face paint. WOO HOO! And to top all of your weeks off -- some adorable pictures of my kiddos, because I know that's what you're here for anyway! Oh yeah, I'm also painting the kids' bathroom -- apple green! I love it.


High Alert or How I Got a Sunburn

My girlfriend Susan is due on Sunday so I'm officially on "high alert." Since she graciously hauled herself out of bed at 4 am to come stay with my kids when Sadie was born, I get to return the favor. Every night I put my clothes and bathroom stuff at the end of my bed, make sure the phone is next to me and anticipate "the call." Anytime I leave the house, I make sure my cell phone is on and charged. The wait is killing me. I remember being there with Sadie.

Susan's last little boy was born in triage. She labored at home a little too long and then there was the 45 minute drive to the hospital (she must really love her doctor to chose a hospital in Phoenix over the 4 closer hospitals). In order to avoid a replay of her last labor and delivery, her doctor scheduled an inducement for today. Except at the last minute, Susan decided she didn't want to be induced, and was definitely miserable after making the decision. So being the great supportive friend that I am, I decided to get her mind off of the baby (or the fact that baby was not here yet). We went swimming.

It's stinking hot this week, so the pool felt awesome. I made lunches ad brought snacks and we sat around the pool for a few hours. Sadie made her swim suit debut, Nate splashed around and I even had Tasha drop Ellie off after Pre School. So all my kids had so much fun, all lathered up in their sun screen. Except guess who forgot to put sun screen on herself? Yeah, ME! I'm all itchy and red. I seriously haven't had a sun burn this bad since I was a kid. And it's only May.

So please remember -- it's officially summer. Lather up!


Stuff I'm Stealing. . .

. . .from other people's blogs. Since a few of you have been slackers lately (not mentioning any names or anything, but pretty much all of you), I'v been clicking on your links to read your friends' blogs (is that weird? I don't know these people, but I'm reading them anyway -- strange? I hope not). Anyway, while surfing around, I've found some super cute stuff that I plan on stealing and I thought I'd share.

1) stolen from Lynette's husband's blog -- our book club book! We finally finished that lame-o one someone suggested for last month and moved on to something new. I saw Ammon's book review on his blog and now we're reading it for book club -- The Alchemist. So thanks Ammon! (That also means I've updated my top links -- woo hoo! I should be doing those every month once we get a new book).

BTW, I now have a copy of The Millionaire Women Next Door if anyone wants it -- for free of course. It wasn't my type of book, but some of the girls loved it.

2) stolen from a friend of Jill's -- She's Got it All. Super cute decorating ideas and cute cute stuff. I'm in love with a bunch of stuff on the site, but especially the domed pastry stands. I think I need them. Plus we all know I'm a sucker for Christmas decor. (sorry about the broken link, it works now)

3)stolen from Michelle's friend Angie -- the picture thing she did for her living room. Love it (so ali of me). I have high hopes to get D to do it for me and then hang it on the mondo wall with Families are Forever over it. So glad Angie has a blog so I can steal her cute ideas.

4) stolen from who knows where -- Layers bathing suits. SOOO cute.

5) Stolen from Lisa -- recording my kids' conversations. The other day Ellie was in the car talking about going to Kindergarten next year (AKK! Only 2 1/2 more months) and was wondering what came after K. . . one thing lead to another and the next thing I know she's asking me what people learn in college. I explained that college is where you go to learn what you want to do for a job for the rest of your life.
Ellie:I want to go to college to be a princess. Do a lot of people go to college to learn to be a princess?
Me: Not really sweetie.
Ellie: Well, I want to go learn to be a Princess. (long silent pause) Yeah, a Princess, or maybe a Fairy.

And a quick weekend recap since I know you all are DYING to know -- play dates, lunch out with friends, hair cuts for the kids, pedicures for me and a friend, birthday party for Nate's friend (he got to go without his sisters -- woo hoo), swimming, grocery shopping, house cleaning, church and naps for everyone. I got to lead the music today since our Chorister was released last Sunday and no one was called yet. I love leading the music. I'm pretty sure I'll never get to do it as a calling since I have no musical ability, so I have to jump at the chance when I can.



I'm not sure if I've mentioned my Aunt Kristine on here before, but if I haven't you're missing out. She is my mom's sister and had always been one of those amazing Aunts. She remembers your birthday, buys hilarious presents, sends you goofy stuff in the mail, is always up for a new adventure, has thousands of ideas and projects, makes up songs, would do anything for you, shows off pictures of your kids. . . she's the life of the party and always keeps me entertained.

Classic Kristine story: When my parents lived in Thailand, my little sister was in Idaho with my Grandma and Aunt for the summer. She was going to fly home alone, but Kristien decided that it wasn't ok for her to do that, so a few days before, she buys a ticket to fly to Bangkok with her. But, she only has 3 days off work, so she has to fly right back home. So she spent all that money, took all that time to fly to Thailand, only to spend less that 24 hours there all because she loved my sister and didn't want her to be alone. *That* is the kind of Aunt she is -- crazy and devoted. I have millions of great Kristine memories, but I'll have to save them for another day because this blog entry has a point.

So, Kristine works at not one, not two, but THREE hospitals and she also is an adjunct professor at BYU, so she is insanely busy. This explains why most of the presents she sends us are from the hospital gift shop. It's always fun to get a package from Kristine because it is nothing you would ever expect -- like a jar full of 700 gum balls. Ellie's birthday package, however, must have been some sort of revenge for something bad I did as a child. She sent these great pink fuzzy cowboy boots. Nate loves those things and wears them anytime Ellie isn't wearing them to school. It's almost 100 degrees, those things are fur lined and she STILL insists on wearing them everywhere. We had to put in an order for another (preferably more masculine colored) pair. The other present -- foam disc guns. I'm now terrorized wherever I go. The kids couldn't be happier. And after all, isn't that an Aunt's job?