Got time for a quickie fly-by blog? We're just sitting here waiting for Luke to wake up before we can head out for the day.

I haven't been feeling up to blogging much because Dustin has been traveling like crazy and if I do get some down time, I like to spend it doing something mindless like facebook, sleeping or eating with two free hands.

The upside to Dustin being gone -- we get awesome new gear from the San Jose Sharks (one of the projects he is currently on).We had to take a picture for all the nice Sharks people to say thank you. Also, I love them because they were giving Dustin a hard time because I don't have a housekeeper. I keep thinking it's time to get one, but now that I know everyone in San Jose agrees. . .

There's lots to look forward to, though. It's Ellie's birthday and I'm sure when I feel like it you will all be subjected to a blog full of pictures of pink, sugar and cute little girl smiles. The plan:
  • Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast -- those were a lot of work and now 20 extra cinnamon rolls are taunting me.
  • Presents -- some earring from Aunt Beaney, new PJs from us and clothes from sibs.
  • Wendy's for lunch with Daddy -- cheeseburger, mandarin oranges and a frosty.
  • M&M cookies to share at school.
  • Sleepover -- pink lemonade and pizza, ice cream and homemade chocolate chip cookies (not as much work and I already ate all the extras) for dessert, popcorn/red vines/candy corn/M&Ms/frosted animal cookies for the movie.
  • Bosa donuts for breakfast.
I've got some great t-ball pictures and I still haven't blogged Hawaii (I know you all want to see me in a swim suit). . . so lots to look forward to. But before the estrogen descends, Luke, Sadie and I are headed off to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Look Dad -- his hair is starting to grown back in!


Hop hop hop

OK, jump back a week with me to Easter. Usually our Easter holiday is filled with way too many egg hunts and parties, stress of finding dresses and ties and trying to keep the kids remembering that it's actually about Jesus and not bunnies and eggs. This year we kept it really low key and I LOVED it!!
Oh boy was it low-key. All the kids look like scrubs! Now I remember why I like to get them dressed up for Easter pictures.

Easter Sunday was also on Conference Sunday which meant we didn't even have to get dressed up and go to Church. HOORAY! We had a great FHE lesson on Easter and the Resurrection the Monday before and then on Wednesday while Dustin was at Mutual the kids and I made resurrection rolls. Of course Sadie refused to eat them because she didn't want to eat Jesus' body and they must be "spicy." Luke loved them.

Sunday the Easter Bunny made his appearance. Dustin and I are arguing over whether or not we even continue on with the dumb bunny. You can tell which way I'm leaning. . .

Sadie woke up at 6:20! That's earlier than Christmas morning. She must have had to use the bathroom but once she spied an egg she was up for good. This of course woke Nate up who found eggs all over his room. We tried to get them to come into our bed until Luke and Sadie were up, but that didn't last long. They couldn't stop laughing and giggling about everywhere they had seen eggs.

Ellie finally stumbled into the room and we let them go crazy, which of course woke Luke up. Luke managed to not only find a few eggs, but also open them and eat some gummy bears.

Not surprisingly, Sadie's mouth looks like it is stuffed with candy in about 50% of the pictures.

I even went low key on the Easter baskets -- one gift each and a new swimsuits (nice hair Nate).
No fillers, no grass. . . Ellie got a shirt and new shoes (I still can't believe I have a kid too old for toys), a lego speeder for Nate (he has been asking for it for over a month), Cheerilee for Sadie and Luke was basket-less. Poor Luke. He probably wouldn't remember if it weren't for the fact that I mentioned it and it will now be recorded for time and all eternity.

The rest of the day we celebrated (camped out) with our "almost cousins" the Simpsons and Ashtons (family friends since I was born) in Mer's newly remodeled kitchen. We started the morning off with our usual Conference Brunch and didn't leave until after Easter dinner. We're so lucky to have "family" close by.