Let's talk about Nate

I know -- FINALLY! My sister told me to just send her the pictures and she would blog for me, but that would mean downloading the pictures. We're running around like crazy trying to get everything in these last few weeks -- lots of swimming and BBQs, too much shopping and eating out, lots of girlfriend time but the main focus has to be Nate's big week.

Nate finally went on his first Fathers and Sons Camp out. Now this probably isn't a big deal for some, but seeing as my husband had to go purchase a tent, two sleeping bags and 2 camping chairs (yes, we didn't even own adult camping chairs) for this experience -- it was a big deal. I feel like we are somehow committed to camp now. And by "we" I mean Dustin and the kids.

The girls whined and cried about how they couldn't go camping and Nate spent the entire day following Dustin around making sure he wasn't going to leave without him. Every other question was, "Where's Dad?" or "Are we going camping now?" Finally about 3 they headed off in Noah's truck with Brody and Brady to keep him company on the drive. The only picture Dustin took of the entire trip:I guess it rained pretty much the whole time but Nate had a great time. I asked him what his favorite part was and he said, "Watching Spiderman in the tent with my dad."

When they came home the kids still wanted to use the sleeping bags, so they had a sleep over in them. All except poor Sadie who was stuck in the crib. She insisted that she go camping too and Dustin got her down Ellie's old Strawberry Shortcake sleeping bag. The big sleeping bags have been put away, but Sadie STILL goes "camping" every night.

In other big Nate news -- he has finally seen Star Wars! I cannot believe how engrossed he was watching it. It only took us an entire week to get through the original 3 and I guess I never really watched them before because I had no idea what happened at the end. BIG SPOILER: Darth Vader saves Luke?? Didn't see that one coming. The other memory from watching the movies would have to be the constant, "Is he a bad guy or a good guy?"

And last but not least -- Preschool Graduation! Can you really graduate if you have another year before Kindergarten? Becky did the cutest job and Nate sang all the songs and narrated the DVD for everyone. ;p

And now off to enjoy the weekend -- it's going to be another fun one! Today Ellie has her 1st grade presentation and then we're taking her to lunch, then shopping (when I finally got around to getting the baby clothes out I realized Nate was born in the fall so all he wore was footed PJs the first months of his life) and out dinner with friends for me and Saturday is a going to be another fun dinner a bunch of our favorite people. I just can't believe how fast summer is coming and all that comes with it: end of school, people moving, babies, vacation. . . got to squeeze it all in now!

And a quick picture of Sadie who is still crazy. How long can you leave a child at the table when they refuse to eat dinner without it being considered child abuse? And how many days in a row? She has decided to become a fruitarian and boycotts dinner EVERY NIGHT!


The end is near!

I can't believe summer is almost here! Every year we go through multiple signs that it's just around the corner and here are some of this year's:

1. The heat. I can't believe it's been in the 100s for weeks now. I am DYING! Luckily for me the kids love swimming. Of course I got burnt our first time out and am still paying for it.

I love my neighbors! I'm just sick that half of them are moving this summer.

2. School craziness. After I finally got through Teacher Appreciation, including another fun scavenger hunt, I thought I'd be done, but there's still plenty of school stuff on the calendar. Only 12 more days!! I can't wait to sleep in! Of course we start swim lessons the very next day. Our door -- each kid did their own flip flop. Notice the 3-D coconuts, sand castle and bucket. It was fun coming up with stuff.

3. Mother's Day. As always my husband and kids are amazing and spoil me like crazy. All my favorite foods including baked french toast and fresh baked cookies, fun gifts from school and a shopping trip with Daddy, and I got another Mother's Ring -- Nate's birthstones this time. I even asked the kids not to fight and can you believe they DID IT?? They were on their best behavior (minus church, man I should have stayed home for that one) and did everything I asked them to happily. I even got a bubble bath out of the deal.

My favorite part of any holiday is the cards the kids pick out for me. You never know what you're going to end up with. Like Sadie's Duck card from my "baby boy." I was trying to con my gifts out of the kids when they came home from the store so I kept asking Sadie what she got me. Mainly she said, "stuff," but finally one day I got, "I got you a card! Yeah, a DUCK CARD!" Only Ellie is known for her excellent secret keeping ability.

Ellie's school gift included this little letter:
Dear Mom,
We go together like a nice mom and a 7 year old daughter. Mother we go together like brown yummy chocolat and cold white milk. Mommy we go together like a toddler and a baby. You are the best mom ever. Love, Ellie.

The only thing that could have made the holiday better were if our moms were here to have over for dinner.

4. My ever expanding belly. Can this just be over? And why do people feel the need to say, "You look like you're going to pop?" I SWEAR I will never say those words in my entire life.

Dustin and I went out last Saturday night and in our 4 hour date I peed 6 times. Sometimes I can't believe we're having another baby so soon, but most of the time it feels like I'm going to be pregnant forever. I had to stop running and now even when I'm walking on the treadmill, my right leg has started going numb. SO FUN!

The only thing I'm proud of: I can still wear all my rings. Although, I'm sure not for long. Notice my new Mother's ring! I tried to take a serious photo and felt like a dork, so this is what you get.

So there you go! What we've been up to as the end of school/3 kid-dom approaches!



I actually have a blog all typed up and just waiting for me to upload the pictures. It's been waiting for almost a week.

But in the mean time, I need some HELP!

We're doing Father's Day in 2 weeks -- since we wanted to make sure Dustin got some good spoiling before we had a newborn in the house -- and I am at a loss. I'm a horrible cook, but I always give him the day off cooking. Usually that means he gets scrambled eggs for breakfast and spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. This year I thought I'd try something new.

Soooo, share with me your best EASY breakfast and dinner recipes.

Breakfast requirements:
  • Dustin like savory more than sweet, so something yummy with eggs is always good
  • That's it -- savory good

Dinner requirements:
  • If it involves a crockpot -- MAJOR bonus
  • I don't like to touch raw chicken, steak or pork so those are a no go unless they go in the crock pot
  • I *do* touch ground turkey
  • I don't grill or fry either
  • The easier the better, especially since we don't get out of Church until close to dinner time
So e-mail me, post them here, whatever! I'll have to come up with something super awesome for whoever's recipes get used.


Mother's Day Tea for Me

I know -- twice in one week. Try not to be so shocked, but my sister is demanding videos and pictures.

Today I was spoiled by Nate at Preschool. I attempted to take a photo of us together, but since most of them turned out like this:

We settled for this:
When I walked in Nate took me over to the table to pick out food. I think he picked out more food for himself than for me -- but we did eat the largest strawberries I have ever seen. Lots of yummy fruit and muffins too. After that we got our "awards" while she read a little survey each kid completed. Mine:

My mom likes it when I. . . clean up my room
I like it when my mom. . . plays with me
My mom doesn't like it when I . . .be naughty
I don't like it when my mom. . . "Her don't do anything"
My mom's favorite food is. . .meatball soup (shocker, Nate's favorite food)
My mom's favorite color is. . .blue (hmmmmm, another Nate favorite)
How old is your mom. . .16
I love my mom because she. . .turns on the TV for me
My mom loves me because. . .I clean up my room

Lots of cleaning so I won:

After that the kids sang for us. Nate sang almost every word to every song. I was so impressed!

An just when I thought the fun was over, we got little gift bags. Each kid decorated their own bag and Nate drew a picture of ME!!! I just loved it as he explained to me that he drew me with my really big belly. So thoughtful!

Inside was his little hand print and the handsomest picture of him. Thanks Becky! I really loved it and feel so spoiled with all my treasures. And thanks Nate! I love you too! Even when you don't clean your room.


Stylin' Sadie

Besides just a total lack of blogging mojo, I spent last week running around like crazy. If I wasn't running some kid somewhere or working on a teacher appreciation/student teacher good bye/art masterpiece project, I was running after Sadie with a fresh diaper or the throw up bucket and we won't even start on Nate's naughty spell last week. Just when I thought she was better, her little stomach bug returned full force. Of course not until after I had taken her out and about to spread her disease. So far no one else has been infected, but with swine flu fears running rampant I feared being austricized. I also feel like the fates are against any potty training I may have considered attempting.

When she wasn't be sick, Sadie was wowing the world with her newest obsession: sunglasses. She has to wear these EVERYWHERE. To church, the gym, her bath, dinner. . . it takes quite the compromise to convince her she doesn't need to wear them to bed. The only mistake in choosing them: they're tinted light pink, so everyone always asks if they're real. Oops!

Now that she is feeling better her appetite has really picked up. I spent the first few days giving her anything she asked for because I was so anxious to get some meat back on her little body. One day she asked for crackers right after I had already gotten up and down a few times to get her some food. Finally I said, "In a minute Sadie." Then Sadie says, "Knock Knock." Who's there? "Crackers." Crackers who? "Go get me some crackers."