Living it up

So my mom is here and the kids are running her ragged. They have a whole list of things they want to do and they seem to have to want to do it as soon as possible. I don't know what we'll do next week, but this week has packed full -- and it's only Monday.

Ellie decided a month or so ago that she wanted my mom to dye her hair pink. My mom will do a lot for her grandkids, but pink hair was not on the list. So instead she ordered a pink wig to wear and got Ellie a funky one too. Ellie of course decided that pink was more beautiful and has taken over the pink wig.

Nate has decided that my mom is his best friend and orders her around. Luckily, she still gets some cuddles too. Note what he is wearing -- yes, the ballerina costume. Why oh why does he love that thing?

And of course the apple pie. Ellie missed out on the apple pie at Thanksgiving, and since then she's been obsessed with making one. She and my mom went to the store and bought the apples and everything. The pie turned out delicious and now one more thing has been crossed off of her list.


Short Update

We're alive! My mom flew in today. Sadie finally has her days and nights straightened out. She's been a GREAT baby so far. We are all loving her.

Ellie loves to hold her and has dried out her hands from washing her hands so much. Nate likes to hold her for a total of 2 seconds and then he throws her off of his lap. He did try to nurse her the other day. He lifted up his shirt and yells, "Eat! Eat!"

We are so blessed. I can't believe I have three beautiful children! And I am so lucky to have my mom out to help me out with them. My husabdn was able to take a whoel week off of work to help out. Plus we have AMAZING friends -- they volunteered to watch my kids, brought in meals, drove Ellie to school. . . I totally feel like I've been able to rest and enjoy Sadie, which I know is a rarity when you have your third child.


I'm awake

OK, tell me she isn't ADORABLE! After 2 nights of being awake and partying all night, Sadie slept like a CHAMPION last night. Plus she nursed like a sprinter so we had a GREAT night. Lots of sleep last night and we decided to sleep in until 9. Poor Dustin had to take the other two to 8:30 church while Sadie and I cuddled. I almost feel guilty, but who knows if nights like last night will last, so I'm going to enjoy it while I can!


Sadie is here

Sadie finally arrived on Thursday -- I can't decide if she came a day late (after her due date) or a date too early (a day before I would have been at the hospital comfortably hooked up to an epidural before I felt any contractions).

Nate was up all night on Wednesday. About 3 I went in to check on him and discovered he was burning up. After giving him some medicine, and listening to him whimper in his crib, I decided to put him in bed with me. The second we laid down (about 3:30) I felt my first contraction. 2 contractions later, I knew it was the real deal and we got ready to leave. My girlfriend showed up to sleep at our house, Dustin ran a few red left turn arrows and we were up in the delivery room by 4:30 am.

I guess being half way to delivery has it's downfall because by 4:45 they informed me I wouldn't have time to get an epidural. So with the help of the world's best labor and delivery nurse, I did it au natural. I still can't believe I did it. I know women have been doing for thousands of years, but I think it's a little over rated. :) Sadie was born at 5:12 in the morning.

Anyway, I'll update more later. Ciao!


Eviction Notice

I'm scheduled for an induction on Friday. Everyone cross your fingers I won't get bumped!


Phone liberation!

Yesterday I had Ellie change the message on our answering machine -- I loooove it! It's something to the effect of, "Be patient! We haven't had the baby." Now I don't have to answer the phone. Usually I always answer the phone knowing that if I don't, my cell will start ringing, or I'll have some message about, "Ooooooh, you must be at the hospital." Now I can totally ignore anyone I *know* is just calling for a baby update. WOO HOO!

Mom, Dad, Kathleen -- I promise I will still answer your obsessive amount of phone calls.


Just another Manic Monday

Still here. . .still pregnant. If I didn't go into labor yesterday, nothing is going to work. I set up all of the chairs in the Primary room, carried around Sunbeams who didn't want to go to class, hauled around a 5 year boy who was trying to kick me the entire time because he knew I was taking him to his mom, moved all the chairs from one classroom to another, walked a zillion miles back and forth to the Nursery room all morning, rough housed with my kids, scrubbed the kitchen floors. . . I think we're going to have to pry this girl out of me.

So today we're going to hang out in bed some more (we're all in here right now), give the kids a bath and then plan a TON of fun things to do this week!

I have been super productive though! The house is clean, laundry done, the car is SPOTLESS (inside and out, thank heavens), groceries bought, the Primary Activity is over (and lots of fun). So now all I have to do is be patient. Anytime I whine Ellie tells me, "You have to have patience! And stop talking about the baby." Good advice kiddo!

Last night we watched something on the National Geographic channel about multiple births and it of course ended with babies being born. I let Ellie watch it (this is the second time I've been crazy enough to let her watch babies being born, but I don't want her to be scared of it). Anyway, after it was over I looked at Dustin and said, "Good thing we watched that because I am FREAKED out! I don't want to give birth anymore." So I'm actually totally grossed out by the whole birthing process at this point.

Anyway, I'd better boogie! Ellie is asking what pee and poop are made out of. :) My daughter is waaaaay too interested in the waste products of the human body.



nothing, nada, zilch, zip, naught, diddly squat, zero. . . nothing is happening. I am still here. Still pregnant. No sign of real labor. Just keeping busy.


Progress-- FINALLY!

So I went to see the doctor today. I'm dilated to a 5 and 90% effaced. Of course, my girlfriend walked around at a 5 for 2 1/2 weeks, so I don't want to get my hopes up. . . but at least there is progress! If I don't go into labor over the weekend, I'm going for a RUN on Monday!


That's it!

Last night I was talking to my sister-in-law on the phone about the baby not coming and she suggessted doing some jumping jacks. So randomly throughout the day, I've been doing a few. Ellie of course joins in and then we have to do *her* exercise routine, which is pretty comical in of itself. Ellie tells me, "Mom, I'm really starting to like excercising. Why is exercising so important?" So I launch into the whole heart thing and how it will giver he more energy. THEN -- she tells me, "Mom, I think you should exercise more because you're getting fat."

WAHHHHHHHHHHH????? This baby better freaking come out soon if my FOUR year old thinks I'm fat.

You keep what you get

So yesterday the kids woke up early from their nap -- right when I was in the middle of a scrapping project. So of course they HAD to be in the room with me. Nate ended up being his crazy self -- stepping on paper, trying to use the paper cutter, etc. I looked at Ellie and said, "Nate's crazy. We should trade him in for a new little boy who's not so wild." Ellie immediately freaks out, "Noooooo! I love Nate." So then I explained to her that I was just teasing. Ellie then tells me, "Besides mom, we have to keep what we get."

But seriously, Nate is crazy. I know all boys are, but that boy bewilders me sometimes. Last night for Family Home Evening, we did a lesson on faith and set up a little obstacle course for Ellie to go through blind folded. It was pretty fun and Ellie even did one for us. In the end, Nate decided to get in on the action. He puts on the blind fold and runs around the house for half an hour running into every wall and chair possible -- yet refusing to take the blind fold off. So stinking funny (when we weren't worrying about his safety). I then mentioned to Ellie again that maybe we should trade him in. She tells me, "Nooo, he's so funny. Just like me."


Keeping busy

So I decided the best thing to do to pass the time is keep busy. I've pretty much volunteered to do anything I hear about -- have people over for play dates, visit a friend on bed rest, drive carpool, cook for a funeral, do a zillion things for the Primary Activity on Saturday. All part of my plan! See, if you trick the baby into thiking you don't want her to come. . . she will. But shhhh, it's our little secret!

PS Sorry I haven't had a lot of pictures on my blog lately -- I packed the camera in the hospital bag and I've been too lazy to get it out.



OK, so tonight we had a big vote (not that I think a 2 year old and a 4 year old should have the same say in naming the baby as say. . . ME) and we narrowed the named down to two finalists. So let me know what you think:

Amelia Elizabeth
Sadie Elizabeth
eta Sophie/Sophia Michelle for my mom (because you know, she did give birth to me, so I at least owe it to her to consider her name)

Still here!

Yes, I'm now at 38 weeks and this is the most pregnant I have ever been. On Tuesday I went to the doctor and I'm not even dilated -- so looks like I'll be here for awhile longer. I've done my part to try and get this little girl out!

Yesterday we went to the zoo. I pushed the kids around in the double stroller up and down the hills for hours. Not one contraction, but my back is killing me. I've been hoping this baby would be laid back and maybe my wish will come true -- she doesn't seem to be in a hurry, that's for sure.

I still have a few things to do before she comes, so I guess it's OK that I'm still hanging out. I need to pack my hospital bag and buy a diaper bag, but that's it. And get Dustin to commit to a name.