Moving On

The end of my twenties is quickly approaching. I think I've been counting down to this day since I turned 29, but my sister gave me a great idea of a way to say Good Bye to my youth (ok, only being slightly melodramatic here). She's sending me a something every day for the 30 days before my 30th birthday and I love the whole "thirty before thirty" theme. So in honor of that, I'm going to do 30 new/fun/crazy/relaxing. . . things -- one a day, for the 30 days before my birthday.

The good news is, I'm feeling uncreative lately, so I need your help to write the list!! Throw out some ideas of things you'd like to do, things you'd love to see me do. . . whatever. They can be as simple as making a certain recipe for dinner/dessert (get a pedicure will definitely be on the list). Or something challenging for me, like sewing something I cannot guarantee that everything will make the list, but at least TRY to make them doable.
I think Nate was trying to give me bunny ears, but I ended up with Devil horns. And by *think* I mean *hope*.

My 30 days start the end of October, so put your thinking caps on! And remember, this is all in good fun, not one of those crazy serious lists where people write things like "Make a wish on a falling star and have it come true" or "Find the love of my life." I feel pretty accomplished in the "grand accomplishments" of life scheme of things.


Mt. Washmore

Do you ever get around to folding the laundry and wonder what on earth your children have been wearing for the last week?? I can't believe they have any clothes left in the closet. I'm constantly telling Dustin that I would be a happier woman if we decided to become nudists.

So that's where I've been -- buried under a never-ending pile of laundry, driving 4 different car pools, school stuff, speech, soccer, dance, two different preschools, play dates, dates with friends, planning birthdays/holidays, cleaning, the gym, feeding people, reading, FHE/family scriptures/family prayers, trying to squeeze in some adult time, baking. . . add in a husband who traveled pretty much every week in August and September and if he was in town spent it at Church meetings, YM camp outs, mutual. . . and a baby, who may be super adorable and easy going, but still demands a lot of time. . .

And I know you all understand because you're all in the exact same spot and sometimes just buried under it all.

The only pictures I've taken in two weeks are from Nate's soccer game. But since every post needs a picture. . .


Somtimes I'm fun

My kids refuse to eat an apple if it has a brown spot anywhere on it. I can't blame them, because I'm the same way. At the same time, I hate to see them go to waste but I'm waaaaay to lazy to actually cut the spots out.

Unfortunately my brain works this way: Too lazy to cut up apples? Let's make a HUGE mess instead.

I got out our melon baller and balled around the brown spots. Then I melted some chocolate and got out some sprinkles for dipping and the let the kids have at it.
Good bye healthy snack, helllllooooo dirty PJs. I thought it would be cute to put lolli-pop sticks in them and have them as snacks when friends are over. And of course, I had strawberries and caramel cookies dipped in chocolate as my snack. So I should also add, helloooo chubby tummy.

And just a cute little picture from last night. I put Nate to bed first (trying to console him after I popped his balloon because he would not stop playing with it during prayer -- yeah, I wasn't so fun lat night, but I digress) and then went to tuck in Ellie when I found her snuggling with Luke.
Look at my cuties. I just can't get enough of those sweet pink cheeks and those gorgeous brown eyes. See those eyelashes? Could he be any more adorable? Let's all just oooh and aaah over my baby for a minute more. I just love his chubby little baby legs and feet. I think I could eat him or at least squeeze him for a good solid hour or two. However, he appeared to be happy where he was at, so I decided to smother him with kisses another time. Which was exactly 5 minutes later.


A Glimpse of Stardom

Friday Night Sadie got her first shot at making a name for herself. She *starred* in our Ward Talent Show. And I literally mean *starred*. She was so dang cute; she even spoke into the microphone and took a little bow. And what was her talent? She did a somersault.Love that little girl!

Saturday Nate had his first soccer game. There are no pictures because it was 106 out and his game was at 1, so I stayed home with Luke and Sadie and Dad forgot the camera. I think I'm glad I missed it since this was Nate's recap after I asked him how the game was. "It was good. Actually, it was not very good. I cried like a baby." Poor Nate. He promises me next week he'll try his best. Crossing my fingers. He's still a star to me. At least he told the truth, right?

My girlfriend Katherine's in town from Utah which warranted a little GNO! (Sorry Kris and Heather, I totally forgot to take a picture till we were all leaving. I feel really badly we missed you in the picture). It was so great to see all my old girlfriends who have moved. It's not like they moved super far away, but I miss all those girls being just a house or two away! Thanks for sticking with me Casey. Katherine and Scott have to come back in November, so we'll have another excuse to get together then -- this time with husbands. Jill we missed you so much! Pita Jungle and Golden Spoon. . . yummmm. The perfect night (plus BYU trounced Tulane -- note I'm wearing my blue and white)!


Dear Brother-in-Law

You're the BEST! No seriously, the BEST!

Nate decided that this year he would like to have a Superhero birthday party (yeah, we plan parties early around here). I remembered that Hayden once upon a time had a Superman birthday party and Molly made capes as the party favors. I thought this was a brilliant idea and way better than handing out a goodie bag full of junk that would probably break, get eaten or get lost within a week.

The problem: I can't sew. Luckily I know lots of people who can, but making the capes would mean harassing said friends and generally just feeling like a mooch. Dustin's mom also sews, but since she's making Ellie's baptism dress and Luke's Christmas stocking (plus Christmas stockings for Chris and Shauna's new little twins) I figured I'd let her off the hook.

I searched the internet and seriously considered paying some Etsy lady $8 a cape just so I wouldn't have to be a burden. Then reconsidered and figured the kids could settle for dollar spot gems. Until. . .

The Solution: Kyle sews. If you haven't seen his talents, he is in the process of making my sure-to-be-adorable niece Livy (as in Olivia Madelyn) a ruffle track suit. Or should I say, he was in the process of making a track suit until I offered him a nominal fee to make some super hero capes for me. Ten to be exact.

We couldn't decide if they should be Superman or batman or 5 of each, so we settled on reversible. Making my brother-on-law even awesomer! So Kathleen and Kyle are now knee deep in felt and cotton and superhero logos.

This is the point where you a)wished you had a boy b) wished you lived closer so your son could come to Nate's party or c)jump for joy because you know you're kid will be getting one of these capes-of-fun!

The Superhero himself.


I love Monday holidays!

It is so nice knowing you get one whole extra day to play! Plus having Dustin back in town and no huge pressing plans for the weekend. . . so we decided to PLAY! IN case you doubt how much -- I used an entire POUND of BUTTER making treats this weekend.

After our rockin' game night, I slept in. It had been a looooooooong time, but I slept until 8 am. I then lounged around in my PJs and sat on facebook all morning long. It felt really good. Dustin and I both made it to the gym at some point and then I got my hair done, which I had also not done in a looooong time. Good bye grays!! Bad angle on Luke, but he's so cute anyway!
Lazy Saturday morning before we lost Ellie.

Ellie spent the evening (and then the night, and then Church) with her besties Lindsay and Caroline, so we were down to just 3 kids. It's amazing how easy it feels to just have 3 kids now. We watched the BYU game, which meant Dustin watched the game while I was attacked by small children who can only cheer for so long.
But we WON! WOO HOO!!!

I slept in AGAIN! 8 am!!! Once again, getting the 3 kids ready for church seemed like a breeze, getting through sacrament meeting with 3 kids seemed so much easier. . . We picked up Ellie who was appropriately tired which meant -- NAPS for everyone. While they were sleeping I made peanut butter white chocolate chip cookies. More butter.


OK, you might not want to know this, but I slept in AGAIN!! Gym and general lazy-ment ensued and the afternoon/evening was spent at the Jones' for a swimming party/BBQ. Somehow with 20 kids running around in there we managed to play Nertz and Farkle while the guys watched football.

Nate starts his other preschool today! HOORAY! I wanted to take some pictures of him, but it turned out Sadie was more cooperative.



So I slacked last week. It was a little non-stop and I'm sad I didn't get my camera out until Thursday.

1. Dustin was out of town which meant I had to cook dinner 4 nights (OK, McDonald's was in there once). I was making meatballs one night and didn't have bread crumbs, so I thought I'd just use the leftover cornbread. BIG MISTAKE. Meatballs with cornbread do not taste delicious.

2. I took Luke in for a 3 month weight check and GERD medicine upgrade. He's up to 12 lbs 3 oz and in the 25th percentile. I know it's not as big as some people's babies, but considering he was once below the 5th, we'll take it! He's still a stinker when it comes to eating, but everyone has to have one flaw right?? He's so sweet and smiley and easy going. I love his little laugh and coos. I'm so sad every time I realize he's my last baby.

3. Nate started soccer this week. Because Susan and I waited until the last minute to sign the kids up, we had to "play up" to get them on the same team. They'll be the youngest kids on the team, but I figure at this age it doesn't matter much. His team is so cute and his coach is amazing. During a water break I looked over at and the coach's daughter was giving Nate a little back massage. I wish I had snapped a picture of that.
We may be soccer newbies, but we do have a large number of ROMA soccer shirts due to my family's seemingly obsessive need to travel to Italy. Why has everyone been there recently except for me?

Nate LOVES his uniform and had to put it on as soon as they got it. He even wore the socks to bed. He also has had a haircut since this picture where he wanted his hair to "look like fire."

4. Ellie had her first sleepover of the school year with Caroline and Lindsay while their parents were in Utah for a little R&R. Dustin was off at a fantasy football draft so we had the Haymonds over for dinner, a movie, popcorn and cookies. I made 45 snickerdoodles and while Karen, Luke and I were in my bedroom hanging out, they ate EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. 8 kids, 45 cookies. No wonder Sadie was up until eleven!

The next day we went over to Molly's and did it all again. Swimming, dinner (even did pizza again), movie and cookies. So I found it funny when they whined about #5.

5. This Friday was the first night in over a month where we didn't have 2 or 3 things scheduled. We ended up having a bunch of friends over to play games last night. The kids got put to bed at 7:30 (with only one cookie this time, but at least they got the beaters). Well, Luke got to stay up and party because he was a great distraction during Mafia.

We had so much fun. I just love my friends! We played Mafia, Telephone Charades (anyone else have awesome Union Square memories of those games?) and when the crowd dwindled to 8 we got out Saboteur. I'm always looking for new fun party games. Anyone suggestions?? What do you love to play when you have a people over?