Ah! I am STRESSING! In less than 24 hours, the entire Rogers clan will be here. I like to think that normally I'm a pretty relaxed, all be it "enthusiastic" person. But for some reason when company comes into town I get so high strung. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with being a control freak, and with 18 other people, I'm out-numbered and not in control.

I honestly don't think Dustin's family has ever seen me *not* stressed out. I feel a little badly about it, so I'm trying really hard to relax and go with the flow more. (All of you Rogers reading this -- be nice to me, I'm really trying).

So tell me it will be OK. The kids will be happy even if they don't get all the sleep they need. They won't starve if they don't get to eat at their normal times. A few days of craziness will not mess up our lives forever. I'll just keep saying it over and over again. Now I have to go to the gym and burn off some energy and then take the kids swimming so they'll be exhausted for nap time because this is the last good sleep they're going to get!!!


Maddy brilliance at its finest

"I know you from somewhere."
"Did you ever work at . . ."
"What High School did you go to?"

These are all questions I get on a regular basis. I've resigned myself to the fact that I just have one of those familiar faces, as unique as I think it it. Sometimes it gets a little awkward as I shake my head no to every suggestion they come up with. However, I've come up with an answer that will never fail me. I'm going to start telling people I was on a reality TV show. That way if someone thinks they know me from somewhere, I'll just, "Oh, you've probably seen me on TV." Then we don't have to run through the list of possible meeting places, or distant relatives. It's the world's easiest explanation. Of course then I had to sit down and think of the lamest reality TV show of all time that would require no skill to get on it.

Think you recognize me? You probably saw me on Big Brother. Season two. And if you didn't see the show, you must have seen the commercials.



OK, I've hearda few complaints that Nate doesn't get enough face time on here. I'm pretty sure being a little brother to a big sister is hard. First off, he has no new toys. Every toy Nate owns is a hand-me down from Ellie. So he's got a lot of pink things. Secondly, he has to hang out in the pink room and if he wants to play with Ellie, he has to play with girly toys. Thirdly, any time I get the camera out to take a picture of Nate, Ellie insists on having pictures of her taken. She'll knock him over, stand in front of him. . . I pity little boys with older sisters, really I do. I don't think Dustin knows how lucky he was to come from a family of all boys.

So enjoy a few rare shots of Nate, playing with girl toys in the pink room. But hey, at least you can see him!

yes, there are pictures of Nate too Posted by Hello

Pink anyone? Posted by Hello

Red Line

Ellie's new obsession is talking on the "red line," or speaker phone as we like to call it. One day when I was forcing Ellie to talk to Lola on the phone and she was shoving it away, she happened upon speaker phone. This, she loves. The child who will never speak on the phone now spends hours a day talking to her beloved Aunt on the "red line." I kid you not.

Ellie wakes up in the morning, "I want to talk to Lola." And on and on it goes all day until we finally reach her. Poor Lola has to sing her songs, have endless storied read to her, and even gets a little buddy who goes to the bathroom at the same time. Most of the conversation involves the two of them being tripped by Gascar and other imaginary friends from the movie Madagascar. And when in doubt, it turns into potty humor as one of the imaginary characters farts or goes poop in Ellie's bedroom. Where does she get these ideas?

Anyway, enjoy some adorable pictures of Ellie while on the Red line, chatting it up.

The Red Line Posted by Hello

"Really Lola??" Posted by Hello

More interesting Ellie faces Posted by Hello

Ellie on the "red line" Posted by Hello


101 random facts about me

OK, I'm a copy cat. My sister did one, so now I have to too.

1. I can only snap with my pinkie fingers
2. I tried to smash my cheeks on the corner of a coffee table to give myself dimples
3. I make up words to songs just so I can sing them
4. You those plastic protectors you take off of water bottles? I like to wrap them around my fingers. . .over and over again
5. I like to watch re-runs of the Nanny
6. I hate ice cream
7. I want to spend Christmas in Paris
8. I don't excel at anything, I wish I could be the best at something
9. I have a scar on my right breast
10. My husband spoils me
11. I still throw temper tantrums
12. I'm terribly indecisive
13. I only drink milk and water . . . and maybe lemonade on a rare occassion
14. I hate prime numbers
15. I love to win, but I hate competitive people, so I force myself not to care
16. I like to throw parties
17. I wish we had a pool
18. I like evrything more if other people are around
19. I am incredibly sentimental
20. I want people to feel completely comfortable around me
21. I'm obsessed with shortening people's names
22. I spend way too muc time on the computer
23. I check my e-mail 4 or 5 times a day
24. I have a list of books I want to read, but I'm too lazy to start them
25. I'm grouchy in the morning
26. I love to be busy
27. I would do anything for a friend, but hate asking for favors myself
28. My brother knows all my buttons and pushes them too
29. I hate doing the same thing over and over again
30. I read spoilers for my favorite TV shows
31. I'm joining a gym today
32. I like it when people ask my opinion on things
33. Polka dots are my favorite pattern
34. I love to get things in mail
35. I like to read kids book, and buy them too
36. I wish my kids slept longer
37. I had peirced ears, but I let the holes grow back together
38. I used to be a pack rat, so now I obsess over throwing things away
39. I must be boring because finding 101 random facts about me is proving harder than I thought
40. I speak French, but I'll never admit to it
41. I wish I could wear my pajamas all day
42. I like my hair short, but I'm growing it out because my husband likes it
43. I'd rather be hot than cold
44. People who chew loudly really irritate me
45. I like the smell of gas and really strong markers
46. I crave validation
47. I don't like it when people want to exclude others
48. People who pretned like they like everyone drive me insane
49. I'm not a big fan of Chinese food
50. I am an amazing multi-tasker
51. I wonder what people will say about me at my funeral
52. I've never done drugs, smoked a ciagrette, tried alcohol on purpose. . . but I have had coffee
53. I've traveled all over the world, but I've never been to Mexico or Canada
54. Country music songs always make me cry
55. I love it when people tell me secrets
56. I can easily be swayed to follow the crowd
57. Even at 25 years of age, I still find Church boring
58. If I had a super power, I would want it to be invisibility
59. I have an obsessive personality
60. I eat healthy to be an example for my kids, not because I want to
61. I love listening to ABBA in the car
62. Shrimp is the only sea food I like
63. I rarely take naps, but I need one today
64. I love "drama" as long as I'm on the side watching it unfold and not in the middle
65. Not only do I hate camping, I don't get why people like it either
66. I wish I could free of all responsibilities for a day
67. One day I want someone to throw a really big surprise party for me
68. Speaking of surprises, I've been known to open my presents before Christmas and then re-wrap them just so I can see what's inside
69. I'm paranoid
70. I wish I appeared more put-together, but I think no matter how I try, I come out as scatter-brained
71. I can't stand braggarts
72. I love honey and corn bread
73. I want my husband to surprise me more
74. Christian Bale is on my list
75. I love being surrounded by friends -- I never want to move
76. I hate stopping at stop signs
77. I think it would be fun to do community theater
78. I miss teaching
79. Junky kids food calls to me -- like Pizza Pockets and Pop Tarts
80. I like to be tan
81. Wherever I am, I'm going to have fun
82. If I don't write things down, I forget them
83. You can count on me
84. I like to compliment other people -- if you have something nice to say, say it
85. I'm super organized -- I like things when they're planned
86. People who are late drive me batty
87. I'm like things to be done quickly
88. I need alone time
89. I hate dusting
90. I love getting mail (did I say this already?)
91. Mafia is my favorite party game
92. I love BYU football
93. I hate scary movies
94. I never wear socks unless it is to the gym
95. I can't burp on command
96. I worry about too many things that I have no control over
97. I pick my toe nail polish off when I'm bored
98. My hair is tangly no matter how many times I condition it
99. I got a scholarship offer form every college I applied to
100. I like watching Kim Possible on the Disney channel
101. I wish my life were like an old time movie -- but I'll take what I have right now. I feel like my whole life has been better than anyone could ever dream


Me me me!

Today was Ellie's second day of swim lessons. She was incredibly excited to go practice all her tricks from yesterday. When ever the teacher would have them move to a new skill, Ellie would bounce up and scream, "My turn, my turn." Her enthusiasm was overwhelming. The teacher finally gets to the point where she dunks the kids under water. She turns to Ellie and says, "Your turn," expecting Ellie to respond with her usual vim and vigor. Of course Ellie looks at her horiffied and replies, "No way! It's her turn."

Here's a close up of the blue. Let me know what you think. I'm putting the drapes on wrought iron rods with wrought iron rings and tie-backs. Posted by Hello

Here's the fabric I'm deciding between on my walls, next to the pillows I have on my couch. My couches is dark dark brown leather, so I need soem color in the room. I'm torn mainly between the green and the blue diamond. I'm worried the green might be really strong and the blue worries me that it might be too formal and heavy. Posted by Hello


I know, the most fascinating topic in the world -- draperies.

Yesterday I went out fabric shopping with some friends and picked up quite a few samples that I really liked. of course now that I'm home, they're just sitting here and the fear of commitment is starting in. I hate to spend all sorts of money only to end up hating them. I've got two choices that I'm really deciding between. One might be too bold and the other might be too stuffy.

Anyway, I'm scanning in all the choices -- so e-mail me and let me know which you like the best! Maddy



After years of not having a driver's license, I've caved and joined the world of the driving. It wasn't so much a great desire to drive, as much as an overwhelming need. Ellie is getting older and we've got play dates, swim lessons, story times, pre-school, girl school, birthday parties and other random activites that I'd hate for her to miss out on. Plus we've got Nate now, so we can't catch a ride. Not to mention that I need to drive places and it's just not feasible for the whole family to come along.

So I swallowed my fear and took the test. Surprisingly, I passed. I think I may have been the most shocked of all. And so I no longer have a dirty little secret to hide. Look out world! I'm LEGAL! M.


Quiz Time

Match the "real" word with the word Ellie uses instead. Some answers can be used twice.

a. Bumble bee
b. Remote control
c. Corn on the cob
d. Marble
e. Yes we do
f. Speaker phone
g. Rhinoceros
h. Aunt Kathleen
i. Joachim

1. ____ Narble
2. ____ Corn Field
3. ____ Mote troller
4. ____ Yes we're do
5. ____ Acorn
6. ____ Lola
7. ____ Rhinosaurus
8. ____ Trolmote
9. ____ Red Line
10.____ Walkim
11.____ Bungle Bee

1d, 2c, 3b, 4e, 5c, 6h, 7g, 8b, 9f, 10i, 11a


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Awwwwwwww, our kids are friends too! Posted by Hello

Memories. . .Light the corner of my mind

Molly and Meredith came over to play today. The kids were adorable, but poor Hayden and Caroline were feeling a little left out. Ellie and Lindsay ran the show of course bossing the two littlest around and deciding when they could and could not play with them.

Ellie and Lindsay played dress-up most of the time, so by the time lunch came around, they were running around in panties and not much else. When we got them all up to the bar to eat, Meredith and Molly and decided to take off Hayden and Carolie's shirts too so they wouldn't get berries all over them. Of course the 4 of them eating topless was too much to resist.

I can't help but wonder if there's a picture somewhere of all of us eating without our shirts? Mom??


Food Storage tip #1*

Because I love you, I'm going to give you a little advice here on food storage. It's the *BIG* thing in our Stake and they're really pressing for us to have our supply ready. I've been in on a couple of planning meetings for how to get the Ward prepared and what classes should be offered yadda yadda yadda.

So at one meeting, one of the ladies mentions the need for some food I absolutely hate and I mentioned that I would NOT be putting any of that in my year's supply. Of course she looks at me and says, "It will be great for bartering. What if you need something else? This might be the thing people want to trade for."

And it was then that my moment of food storage brilliance hit me!!! You know what I bet people would trade anything for? Beer and cigarettes! Come on -- in some huge natural disaster, people will be dying with out all the things they're addicted to. I am thinking people will trade ridiculous amounts of things to feed their cravings. And so I encourage you to stock up at the local liquor store! It could ave your child's life!!!!

*I'm actually only joking. I take food storage very seriously, but come on. . . buy something just to barter with it? That seems like a waste, why don't I just use the money to buy something I want, need and will use?


Do as I Say. . .

I was all set to blog about my new FAV reality Show (Beauty and the Geek! A must watch!) but as I was playing with Ellie, I determined this would be one of those moments to capture.

Ellie and I were playing a little role reversal in her bedroom. She was the mom and I was the dog (I know, what child makes her mother an animal?). We were going through common aspects of our day -- nap time, dinner time -- when I realized that Ellie was mimicking EXACTLY what I say to her.

At nap time, Ellie threw the cat into bed with me (I routinely put Nate in Ellie's bed to read them stories together). She then told me, "You have ot be nice. Don't be sassy, OK??" Words straight out of my own mouth.
At dinner time, she ordered me, "Eat all your food." After dinner, she looked at me sadly and said, "I have to go a meeting. Don't be sad, I have to go. I can't stay."

After she got back from her meeting she wanted me to go outside. Of course Nate is obsessed with having me in his sight at all time, so I told her I couldn't go outside. I should probably take this moment to add that we're kind of in the parenting-by-choices philosophy right now. We can usually maneuver Ellie into what we want her to do by letting her think that she's made the decision. So she looks at me and says, "OK, pick it. Go outside or play?" I picked playing. She hems and haws for a minute, "OK pick it. Go outside or go to bed?" I picked go to bed. She then looks at me and goes, "NO, go outside," since this is clearly what she wanted me to do and is frustrated that her choices aren't having the same result as we usually get form her. When I told her I made my choice already, she replies, "You chose to go to Time Out," and pointed to the chair.

And of course as I'm typing this all, she comes in and says, "Go to bed or go STRAIGHT to bed?" a take off of my own personal favorite to use on Ellie -- Do you want to do it now or do it RIGHT now?