Happy Halloween!

We've just been partying it up over here. The kid Halloween party went well, except for Nate not wanting to wear his costume, and then we celebrated the rest of Dustin's birthday in style -- take out for us and cereal for the kids. Saturday I had Pack Meeting, so Dustin took the kids out for breakfast and then we spent the rest of the day shopping. That night we went out to celebrate Dustin's birthday with friends. We did dinner and a movie. I'll save you the boring details but it was a fun night -- good food, good comapny, good movie. . .and most importantly: good dessert.

Sunday we celebrated Nate all day. He loved all of his presents and loved his cake even more! It's ice cream cake from Cold Stone, so don't give me any credit for it. Nate loved hearing people sing Happy Birthday to him so much that everyone who called had to sing it multiple times. And he loooooved blowing out the birthday candle (a large pumpkin candle since he looooves pumpkins so much -- he was sad when we went to Target today and all the pumpkins were gone). I can't believe my baby is two!

Today Nate played with his birthday presents some more while Ellie had a little party at school (please note he is wearing ANOTHER Halloween shirt in the picture) and now we're gearing up for the evening. We have a Halloween party/dinner to start. I'm actually MAKING food to bring -- including "Monster Eyes" deviled eggs. Another shocker I know. Then we've got Trick-or-Treating and then we'll finish up the night watching a movie at a friend's house.

Oh, and I HAVE to share what I'm eating right now since a few people who read this blog were MOCKING my love of food this afternoon. YUMMMMM! So delicious. Someone brought me these cookies this afternoon, luckily both the kids were asleep. Hee hee hee.


Happy Birthday!

Yeay! It’s birthday weekend at our house. Today is Dustin’s official birthday and Sunday is Nate’s. We started off the celebration with a birthday party for Nate yesterday. Since he’s only 2, we just did a lunch with a few of his buddies at my girlfriend’s house. I put Ellie in charge of the games and she did a great job telling the “babies” what to do.
Nate helped me make cupcakes that morning, but I guess he got full from eating all the batter because he no interest in actually eating his cupcake when the time came. Instead he smashed his car into the frosting and drove it around the table. Gotta love boys.

He got a little tired towards the end, so that should explain why he has a blanket and his thumb in his mouth for the group shot. He knows what makes him happy.

This morning we did the whole birthday thing for Dustin. I made breakfast (SHOCKING) and then the kids gave Dustin their cards and gift. Then he had to take out the trash and now he’s off at work. Lame birthday huh? I had bigger plans, but the whole no grass thing ruined my party plans (and there is no way I’m fitting 50 people in my house), so instead we’re going out to dinner with some of our good friends tomorrow night.

Luckily for us, though, the partying continued today with a Halloween party with friends. I've got pictures from that to share too!


The Party's Over

. . .And thank goodness for that! Well, let me rephrase that: The party's over until this weekend. I am convinced that October is the worst month of the year. It always seemed chocked full of stuff. I will, however, buck up and deal with it and enjoy it like all mothers should!

So I guess you can tell that our weekend was crazy. We were running from one activity to another, which is better than sitting around being bored. So here are a few high lights.

1. Primary Program practice -- Almost every child was there. I was so impressed! And they had their parts ready to go. Two hours was a little long for them though so by the end the Sunbeams were sprawled out on the floor, the CTRs were all asking, "When do we get our cookies?" and the Valiants were stone faced. But what else can you expect? They perked up when we went outisde to eat cookies and wait for parents.

2. Seeding our lawn -- While Ellie and I were at church, Dustin and Nate were helping set up for the Ward party that night and mentioned we were seeding our lawn that afternoon. Two of the Young Men were sweet enough to volunteer to come over and help. So we got the work done in half the time (OK, maybe the same amount of time because the boys were talking so much, but they were so darn cute). So now the kids get to chase birds and we get to enjoy the smell of manure. Mmmmmm.

3. The Ward Party -- So much fun. Dustin made DELICIOUS chili (even though it didn't win), I made corn bread (GASP! I cooked!), and I even got to be a judge in the pie contest. YUM! We put the kids in their matching pumpkin shirts (I told you every picture of my kids for the next 2 weeks would involve some sort of orange shirt) so we'd be able to spot them on the field and I'm glad I did. They were all over the place. Ellie got her face painted, went fishing, ate way too many sno cones and sticks of cotton candy. She also went on the 4 wheeler ride a few dozen times. One of the Grandpas in the Ward brought his 4 wheeler with these big hollowed out buckets attached to the back and took the kids around the field at the speed of light. Nate got to sit in his lap for a few turns, but I made him get off once the rides started getting wilder and wilder. He then headed over to play football with the Dustin and some other dads. Ellie spent the rest of her time jumping in the bouncer, eating more candy, trying to peek inside the haunted house (she refused to go in) and being freaked out by the Fear Factor booth. I got to sit and chat. WOO HOO! By the time we helped clean up it was 9:30. Luckily our kids were wired from all the sugar, so they were able to stay awake for a much needed bath. Unfortunately the paint from the face painting stained a little bit, so Ellie still looked a little funny Sunday.

4. The Primary Program -- So the kids were a little tired from all the partying the night before, but they did a great job. Almost every kid with a part was there, YEAY! And they did awesome. Only one little girl got stage fright, and Ellie did turn the microphone off in the middle of a talk (grrrrr, always the Primary President's daughter), but the kids were so sweet and the spirit was so strong. I was so impressed with them. Afterwards we celebrated by giving the kids MORE candy, because who doesn't want to be in a room with 70 hyped up kids?

5. Meetings -- And of course, it wouldn't be the longest weekend ever if I didn't spend over 6 hours in 3 different meetings on Sunday. Ward Council, Key Scouters and Stake Leadership. All on same day as the Primary Program. Luckily I was still hopped up on all the sugar and left over cookies, so I made it through until I got home at 9:30 last night.

So today I plan on spending the morning in our PJs (Nate is still asleep) and doing as little as possible. Ellie has dance and a birthday party or else I'd REALLY be lazy.


Halloween Shirt #2

It's technically Halloween shirt #1 since it's the first one I bought (the Target one), but the second I've shown. You can look forward to seeing all of the shirts over the next 10 days because Nate will be wearing them MULTIPLE times. I think we'll just rotate through the 4 until Thanksgiving ;)

Other than that, we are crazy busy this weekend, so you won't hear form me until Monday at the earliest. I can't believe October is almost gone!

Oh, and can I add that I got a SUNBURN from sitting outside at playgroup today. Can you believe it? I know I can't complain about the weather since it's finally cooling down, but who gets a sunburn in the middle of October?


I think my kids are funny

Because the Primary Program is on Sunday, we have been playing the Primary music CD non-stop in our car. I just don't think it would look right if the Primary President's daughter didn't know all the songs. We've actually been playing the CD off and on for 6 months, but pretty much non-stop for the last two weeks, which means Ellie gets to hear each of the program songs at least twice a day. So today we're headed over to pick up Ashley for carpool and the song, "Dearest Children" is on. One of the refrains is, "Cherish virtue, cherish virtue, God will bless the pure in heart." Suddenly Ellie pipes up from the back, "Mom, why does it say Cherries Hurt You?" I couldn't help but laugh. Poor Ellie has probably been worried about that for months. And then of course I had to spend 5 minutes explaining exactly what "cherish" meant, which was easier to explain than the "virtue" discussion. Phew, I think we need easier words in the children's songs!

And Nate is also pretty funny too. I picked up my mail before heading out to get the girls from school. While we were waiting in the pick-up line, I started looking through all the magazines. In the back I can hear Nate begging, "Please, please." So I hand him back an Oreintal Trading Company catalog figuring he'd like to look at the toys. Nope. He's still straining in his car seat, "Please, please." After trying Pottery Barn and the ads, I try the Harry and David catalog. Sure enough, it's what he wanted. He looked at that thing the whole wait, the whole ride home, and even after we got back. All the time mumbling, "Mmmmmmm, berries" or "COOKIES!" So if any of you are wondering what to get Nate for Christmas this year, I believe he has picked out quite a nice wish list from Harry and David.


The Great Pumpkin Caper

One day while Nate and I are on our bi-weekly Target run, I see the CUTEST Halloween shirt for Ellie. Seriously adorable, so I have to buy it. Which is weird since I actually HATE Halloween because it gets done to death every year. But the kids are super into it and I know Ellie will like it, so I cave. Of course then I feel guilty for Nate and cruise over the toddler boy section. The shirts are hideous. Really disappointing, but I want him to have a shirt too, so I buy this weird Monster Rock shirt since it's the only one in his size. Whatever.

Of course we get home and I show Ellie her shirt and she loves it. The only down fall -- nate loves it too. He's chasing her around, begging to put it on. So I go get his ugly shirt and he of course rejects it, just as I would have if I were him. So for the next few days he keeps bringing Ellie's shirt to me and begging me to put it on him. He cries, "PUMPKIN" anytime he sees the shirt. So of course I realize I'm going to have to buy him his own stinking pumpkin shirt. I can't get him one like Ellie's since hers is REALLY girly, puffy sleeves and such.

So Tuesday rolls around, Ellie's at school and Nate and I set off in search of a pumpkin shirt. We try Wal-Mart first -- no boy Halloween shirts. Can you believe it? There were some cute girl ones, but not one stinking boy shirt -- at all. Not even with skulls. So I try a few other stores around our house. Nothing. We're talking 4 other stores. I resign myself to treking up to Old Navy. But guess what -- nothing cute at Old Navy for boys. GRR! Can boys not have pumpkins on their shirts? Nate does see a GIRL Halloween shirt with Pumpkins on it and insists on having it. It's not *as* girlie as Ellie's shirt, but it does have capped sleeves. He loves it however and wears it for the rest of the day.

I call all of my friends and family to complain about the lack of boy pumpkin shirts out there. With each call, it only strenghtens my resolve to find a boy pumpkin shirt. So the next day, Nate and I pick up Ellie from school and head to the mall for lunch with Dustin where we plan on searching for a pumpkin shirt. The first few store we hit are a bust (not that I didn't spend plenty of money on other cute things for the kids) and we finally head for the GAP which turns into me scouring the materninty section and completely forgetting the whole reason we were there. Luckily I brought Dustin along -- and being a man, he doesn't forget the true purpose of the shopping trip. He searches the store and finds ONE last pumpkin shirt. Size 2T, BOY! I kid you not. There was great celebration in the land and much purchasing of clothes for all.

So fast forward to me getting home and checking my phone messages. I have a message from my Aunt, "Maddy, I found a pumpkin shirt for Nate and I'm going to mail it out." (It's actually the shirt he's wearing in the picture above -- he's still sick hence why he won't sit up for me to take a stinking picture little booger). So the person who HATES Halloween, now has FOUR Halloween themed shirts for her son. He's wearing those things until SPRING! Luckily my Aunt got a 3T so we can avoid this whole fiasco next year. And I guess baby girl can wear the girlie pumpkin shirt when she's 2, so not all is lost.

Phew, that was a long story. I'm sure most of you have actually already heard it and were just DYING to rehash the saga ;)


Short Update

It's been a whirlwind of activity over here. If you can believe it, I'm starting the last trimester and all that tiredness is back. So basically when I would have time to blog, I'm sleeping.

But today, Ellie is off playing with a buddy and Nate is curled up on the couch, so I've got a few free minutes. Poor Nate is sick. . .AGAIN. I don't understand how Ellie never gets sick and Nate gets every disease that passes through. Is it the day care at the gym? Is it nursery? Is it from all the shopping carts he touches? I have no idea, but I miss hearing his little voice. All he does is whisper as few words as possible right now.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with some girlfriends and I get a phone call from the sitter, "Ellie and Nate keep telling me they're tired. Do you want me to put them down?" Little stinkers. They've caught the sleeping bug too.

And so now you know where we've been -- either we're out or we're sleeping.


Happy thoughts

So usually I dread this time of year. It seems like things just go insane, but I've decided to embrace the craziness and I'm actually excited. It was Conference this weekend, so that meant NO PRIMARY! :) Not that I don't love the munchkins, but I like a little break now and then. Plus I got so much done. I turned up the volume on the TV and cleaned the house. I got my baseboards cleaned, everything dusted, blinds cleaned, tiles all hand cleaned, the fridge cleaned out, my kitchen cabniets and drawers cleaned and organized, wiped all the shelves in the pantry and re-organized that, did the kids' bathroom, a few loads of laundry, cleaned and conditioned the leather furniture. . . it's a disease I tell you!

And that was the beginning to all the hustle and bustle. I'm getting so excited for everything we have coming up. D turns the big 3-0 this month, Nate will be 2 (sniff sniff), Halloween, Fall Festival, the Primary Program. . . In November all of Dustin's family is coming out for a week and Ellie is so excited to see her cousins, plus Thanksgiving dinner, my birthday and decorating for Christmas (I am getting so excited to get the tree up and buy wrapping paper). . . In December my Aunt and Uncle are coming to visit, Christmas Eve (my favorite party of the year), Christmas, my sister coming to visit and then we'll top all of the fun off with a beautiful baby girl in January. I can hardly wait.

So here's hoping everyone else is as excited as me for all the fun ahead!! :) Come on, you all know you've got some fun things just around the corner.