Slipping Through My Fingers

Picture courtesy of my sister who was trying to convince me that Dustin and I should join her ABBA tribute band.

You know what I like to do to my kids before bed? Make them cry.

So tonight Dustin was off at some fantasy football meeting and I was trying to multi-task: clean up dinner, pack Ellie's lunch, shower 3 kids, hold baby, get out PJs and clothes for the morning, clean up any clothes/toys leftover from the day. . . Somewhere in there Nate and Sadie managed to close the plug in the bath while they were showering. This resulted in the tub overflowing and flooding the bathroom. I was really really mad (and that's an understatement) since our kids know they are not allowed to close the drain.

Instead of getting to watch the Tinkerbell movie I had DVRed the kids were forced to hang out with me while I listened to the Mamma Mia soundtrack (so actually it's more of a reward than a punishment). We were having so much fun singing and dancing until Slipping Through My Fingers came on. That stinking song makes me cry every.single.time. In case you don't know the lyrics I'll help you out: Maybe these only make you cry if you have a school-aged daughter. If you didn't just cry, call me and I'll guilt you into crying.

Anyway --
I'm crying and then the kids ask why so I explain it's a song about your kids growing up and the next thing I know, Ellie and Nate are sobbing. Nate in particular was the saddest. Read these all in a very dramatic sob: "I want to stay here forever forever forever." "I don't want to grow up." "I'm going to miss Luke. He's going to be sad." "Luke will cry if he has to sleep all by himself and I'm gone." "When I get bigger I have to go somewhere else." I'm trying to reassure him that he can live here forever if he wants to and he explains, "Noooo, when you get bigger you have to get a house and there's no houses here for us." I said, "Who told you that??" Through the gasps for breath I hear, "Nobody. I. . . just. . . figured . . . it out."

Oh my goodness. So many tears. That song is now banned from our house or at least until my tender-hearted son is in bed. I think he's still sitting in his bed crying.

Anyone else love ABBA or cause their 4 year old have a mid-life crisis lately?


Just Sadie

There used to be 3 Sadie's on our street. A year ago the Lamb's took their Sadie and moved out to Queen Creek (or the entire other end of the universe as I prefer to call it). With just the two little Sadie's left and playing together I started calling the Sadies by their whole names so they would know which one I was talking to. Well Monday was our last play date with Brody and Sadie Tyler. Tomorrow morning they will board a plane for Virginia Beach (yes - we were just there last week coincidentally enough) to live for the next 3 years. This means Sadie will now be just plain Sadie. The last one.
So I'm looking for some new AWESOME neighbors (I love the ones I still have, but we can always use some more). Move to our street. We're super fun and super cute and I promise I will always have a cup of milk you can borrow.


First Day of School

That's a TWO for 2nd grade!

Ellie says to me, "Aunt Beaney wishes you would blog every day like you used to Mommy." Well the guilt trip worked and I am going to try hard to blog more often. Not every day, but with our family so far away I need to make a better effort to update and have pictures for everyone. SO here we go!

Ellie started 2nd grade today. I can't believe we've done this three times now. Next year Nate will be joining her (plus Sadie will be in pre-school, I'm not sure I'll know what do with just one kid at home, but hey that's still a loooong year away). I'm sure I'll cry then, but not a tear this year. Probably because I know she's got a fantastic school, a fun new teacher and great kids in her class. Both her Kindy and 1st grade best friends are in her class, plus a few more of her good girlfriends and some fun boys. I think it's going to be a great year!!Hailey -- 1st grade BFF
Hannah - Kindy BFFLindsay -- Like-family BFF (and Caroline who started Kindergarten today). Lindsay and Ellie think alike I guess because last year they wore the same outfit on the 1st day of school and this year they had the same shirt and almost the same hairdo.

The best part of the first day of school is that everything is still so fun. Doing her hair is fun. Packing her bag is fun. Picking out a boring old uniform is fun. Even doing homework and putting in the nice new binder is fun. It doesn't last long enough unfortunately.

Ellie had a great day, despite the blistering 115 degree weather (I think I melted waiting to pick her up -- which wasn't long since I fell asleep and woke up late. Luckily the group she walks with was even later).
Right before she headed in. No tears, just excitement!

Now we're playing one last time with Brody and Sadie before they head to Virginia for 3 years and our college friend Vanessa is on her way over. Who knows if we'll actually eat dinner or not.


Together again

After a grand adventure for the kids (I'll let them tell about it in another blog for another day) and much work back at home by Dustin and me, we were finally reunited in Virginia Beach last Saturday. I couldn't get out of the car fast enough to hug those cutie pies! While our vacation was amazingly fun and relaxing (except for the part where I never slept) I'm not going to lie to you -- every day there was a moment of drama sure to make the vacation unforgettable. So first the bad:

Day one -- While my sister picked us up from the airport, my dad decided to take my kids to the beach while they waited for everyone to arrive. We're waiting for one more bag to come off the carousel (never did -- it missed the flight) when we get a call from my parents who are headed to the ER. Long story short, my dad was body surfing and he ended up breaking his scapula.

Day two
-- Washing machine broke. 17 people, a beach, a swimming pool and no way to get clean towels. Panic set in until the washing machine was fixed the next morning.

Day three -- The boys decided they want to go parasailing. I had no intention of going, but I brought Nate and Ellie out on the boat hoping they would go up with Dustin. I have them all talked into it and they are harnessing Ellie up while my brother, his wife and one of my nephews are up for their turn. Suddenly the ROPE BREAKS! I kid you not. Everyone's kind of freaked out, but I don't want to scare the kids so I decide to make it sound like it must be super duper fun. All the while my brother and his family are gently gliding into the choppy ocean and our boat is racing to them as fast as possible. It was scary. Especially watching the waves toss them around as they got unhooked and tried to get back to the boat. It was enough to freak my kids (and me) out. Nate just keeps repeating, "I'm not going." My other nephew, however, thought I did a pretty good job making it sound super cool. "No fair! Zach got to go in the water." Never mind that he got dragged under the waves 2 times and is sitting on my mom's lap crying. Matt still wanted to go up. So we returned to shore where Dustin and my sister decided they would go take Matt up. Sometimes my family is crazy.

I feel like that day should have it's own entire blog because there are so many more levels of craziness involved with this story including a clothing change between my sister and I in a pitch black storage shed.

Day four -- My aunt and uncle had to leave early so she could get back to work and she sneaked out in the middle of the night so they wouldn't have to say good bye. It was a sad morning the next day.

Day five
-- Family picture day when our beach house had no power. Showers in the dark and freak outs about how on earth we're going to do our hair. My brother-in-law was busy on his iphone calling every hair salon he could find nearby to see if they could blow dry our hair. Of course we're also in Sandbridge, which is about 20 minutes from any actual civilization so we're 5 minutes from running out the door when the power was restored. HOORAY! And good thing we didn't pay to get our hair done because it was so stinking windy that night at the beach anyway.

Day six
-- Motorworld. We wanted to do something other than the beach and decided to take the kids to race go carts. This should also be it's own entire blog entry. I should have known it was a bad omen when Ellie tripped on the way in and ended up sort of a bloody mess, crying for 15 minutes while we tried to find somewhere with a first aid kit.

After paying way too much money we realize the park is run by a staff of Eastern European immigrants who speak no English and hate children. Nate got stuck on the rail on every single ride the first few times so we thought we'd try Bumper Boats. Nate couldn't steer the boat, so he ended up going in circles for the full 20 minutes crying, "THIS.IS.NOT.FUN." Of course since the staff hate children, they pretended they couldn't hear him. Then there was the roller coaster which made both my kids cry. And this was just the first hour. Finally we found the family courses and the day was salvaged.

Day seven -- Because I was feeding Luke when the drama occurred, I will skip the details for this day. Also because what happens in Sandbridge, stays in Sandbridge. Now I have you all intrigued, don't I?

Day eight -- Time to head home. We had to be out of the house by 10 and our flight wasn't until 4:30. Loads of time. Yet somehow we managed to really cut it close getting to the airport which lead to 3 crying children, one screaming baby and two frazzled parents lugging them through the airport racing for the plane. And our DVD players didn't even work. Finally we got home around midnight Virginia time. Thankfully the kids all slept in until a decent Arizona time.

I had to tell you all the bad stuff so you wouldn't be incredibly jealous of the rest of our fantastic relaxing vacation. Our beach house was perfect and right by the beach with plenty of room for everyone. I won't bore you will all the details, so here's some random pictures (in whatever random order I uploaded them)

Luke's first day at the beach. As you can tell by hair it was a little too windy for a baby to be out that day, so we headed back in shortly after. Good thing too because that was the day most of family got burnt.
The rest of the days were gorgeous so Luke took a nap or two at the beach.

Body surfing and boogie boarding were big hits
If you've ever been to a park with Sadie you know of her affinity for sand. She wasn't a big fan of the water, but she could spend hours laying in the sand. Or cuddling my dad.

Dustin looked at me at one point and said, "Who knew jumping waves could be an hour-long activity." And that is why I love the beach. Two entire hours can be spent collecting clams and jelly fish followed by an hour of making sand creations that will be destroyed when the tide comes in.The boys. I was amazed by how much my kids missed Luke. I think he kind of liked the noise and attention though.
The little girls on picture day. They slept in my parent's room. One day they were down for a nap when my sister-in-law hears them fighting. "My bed." "NO! MY bed." Turns out Sadie had hopped her pack-in-play and jumped in with Allie.
We actually caught those crabs! And by we, I don't me mean me because I do not think fishing and crabbing is fun. The kids do however and they loved eating crab. Guess who uttered these words, "I LOVE crab." Sadie. No joke! She actually ate meat.
Nate is fearless in the water. He would have stayed out all day if we didn't make him come in to eat and sleep. He made a little friend named Taylor and they ran all over the beach together.
Other big activities were burying people in the sand and digging giant holes. One day, a giant hole was pretty much my entire accomplishment.

We also managed to squeeze in some Rock Band, games, Arrested Development, running (a vacation I didn't gain any weight on -- hooray), baseball watching, pool swimming, late night strolls on the beach where every kid came home soaking wet. . .

And now I'd better publish this before I have more stuff to blog. If you can believe it -- school starts TOMORROW!


In case you miss the other 3. . .

Here's some pictures from my mom's cell phone

The kids have been having fun with my parents -- a few shopping trips already where my kids learned my parents are way easier to snow than Mom and Dad, a trip to the petting zoo, and down to the monuments in DC this morning. This weekend is their trip to New York City including the Statue of Liberty, PB&J restaurant, American Girl Doll Store, hotel in Time Square. . . hopefully my mom will take pictures with an ACTUAL camera for us.

As for me and what I've gotten done -- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Luke will not nap. I'm going to pull my hair out. He does great at night, but for some reason about 10 minutes after I lay him down for a nap -- BAM! He's up. Doesn't matter if it's the swing, the pack n play, our bed. . . I still have one trick up my sleeve, so we'll see if it works and hopefully I'll be able to get some painting done.


One Month

Holy cow! I can't believe it's been a month already.

For Luke's one month birthday we had D's parents fly out so we could do a quick blessing while my parents were out here to pick the kids up. Can you believe I hardly took any pictures of the whole thing? And out of those, there aren't many good ones.

I forced Luke to where the same blessing outfit as Nate despite the fact that Nate was a chunky 2 month old and Luke is still the size of a newborn.It's all about tradition though, so who cares if the pants were up to his armpits.

We ended up blessing him on a Friday since my parents flew out early Sunday morning. I loved having it at our house because it made it very small and intimate. We were lucky to have a few friends (Ashtons, Christensens, Tylers and Krassows) still in town for the weekend who made it over too. I feel so grateful to have so many friends who feel like family!! After the blessing we fed everyone dinner and let the kids play int he backyard while my dad stood on lightening patrol. I just love having our house full of friends and family.

The rest of the weekend my kids were spoiled. Especially Luke who has reverted to insisting he be held for naps. Dustin's momSadie figured it best to suck up to the Grandpas. My dad

Luke had his one month appointment and he's up to 7 lbs, 14.5 oz. HOORAY and BOO at the same time. He's still not big enough that the Pediatrician feels comfortable enough taking him off the formula, so we're on high calorie formula for another month, but he's gaining weight so that's great.

He also received some fun new gifts for his one month birthday.
In case you're wondering why Luke is always wearing the same 4 outfits -- it's because they are premie size and the 0-3 month stuff drowns him. I keep thinking he'll outgrow them, so I refuse to buy any more. So just wait for the blog when we're finally too big for those!!

Made by Grandma Rogers
From Uncle Chris and Aunt Shauna who are less than 2 weeks away from meeting their new twins! (I think Sadie ran off with the matching onesie)

Everyone keeps asking what I am going to do with my time off. BIG PLANS!
1. Do less laundry, less dishes and clean the bathroom less
2. Hold my baby boy
3. Catch up on sleep
4. Make it to the gym to lose these last ten pounds
5. Re-do these cute girlies room This includes a big girl bed for Sadie. I hope she stays in it. After I gave the girls a mini-mani
6. Paint
7. Pack up all my baby girl clothes and maternity wear and send it off for my sister
8. Organize and de-junk
9. Finish up Ellie's back-to-school shopping since school starts the day after she gets back

What am I going to do next week??