September was busy with the move. 

The same weekend we closed on the house, Dustin's mom came to town. It was so fun to take her up to school to eat lunch with the kids.

We still had painters coming in and lighting being installed, so we didn't move in that weekend, but we moved in our bar stools as our very first piece of furniture.

The Ashtons were our very first guests after we closed and Andy even helped us move our garage over that weekend.

Luke had to entertain himself since everything was packed for the move:

 We moved in the next weekend. Our friends were amazing.
 They brought us meal they watched my kids, they sent their husbands and big kids with trucks. We had everything moved in just a few hours and everything was unpacked by that night.

 It was so nice to finally sit down and put my feet up after months of organizing, purging and packing.
Although apparently the boys were more exhausted than I was.

 Dustin still hadn't been released as Bishop, so we were lucky enough to still attend the Cooper 1st ward for 2 more months.

 Luke entertained us as a waiter one Sunday.

 Sadie received an award for being awesome! Actually I think it was for her love of learning, enthusiasm, great questions and love for reading which has made her an excellent writer.

 A Real Housewives fiesta.

 Sports started on a very hot weekend. Football for the boys, soccer for Sadie and tennis for Ellie.

And lots and lots of house projects!