Wow -- I really suck at blogging this year. Which makes me sad because I love looking back at old blog posts. My kids could sit and look at old pictures and laugh at the memories for hours. And this year I've really stunk. It's like we had a whole year of wonderful memories and fun little things that I want to remember and POOF, they're gone.

Starting in October I'm going to turn it around. I promise. The kids grow up way too fast.

My sister and I are attempting to post a picture a day of our kids on our other blog, which is actually seeming to help. So if you really miss seeing our little faces, you can always see the latest over there. Less details, more pictures. . . always a good thing.


California, here we come!

If you know me at all, you know that I am a planner. Like, start my Christmas cards in July kind of planner. So you can only imagine that vacations in the Rogers' family are likewise planned way in advance. The Tuesday before Labor Day, Dustin and I were out on a lunch date and Dustin was telling me he wanted to take a quick vacation to California because he had to fly out of town on Labor Day and he wanted to have some fun with the kids. The thought of such a last minute vacation made me sick.

Wednesday Dustin tells me to call our friends in Laguna and just *see* what they were doing for the weekend. I finally got a hold of Michelle around 4 in the afternoon and the next morning we set off for California. This is totally a Dustin thing and SO unlike me. However, we live according to my very organized and scheduled life 75% of the time, it was only fair Dustin got some spontaneity in his life.
Michelle and Tony were amazing hosts and the weekend was so nice and relaxing. We hung out, the kids never slept, went to the pool, hung out at the beach for hours on end (thank you private beaches)eat way too much, read, and had someone to chat with while I went running! The best part was the amazing weather.

I seriously love the beach. My kids just dig and dig for hours. And then when they were bored they ventured into the freezing cold water. Poor Sadie, the waves were a little stronger than she was. And, Luke chased the birds. Tony and Michelle are always so much fun to be around and our kids loved their kids. I don't think they made it to bed before 11 pm. Sadie and Lauren were a match made in heaven. Two adorable little divas. So petite! So much sass! So grown up! And Abby and Ellie have loved each other forever. I just wished they lived closer. Everything about Michelle is fabulous and she is the most amazing friend. Who else would let a family of 6 drop in on 24 hours notice??

Then to top off a fabulous weekend we had Sunday dinner with our college friends, The Pauls, house. I forgot to take pictures, but let's just say they are fantastic and the food was delicious. So pretty much the perfect trip. I still can't believe we went to California and didn't do anything touristy, but it was totally worth it for the relaxation and to see our friends. I count our friends as one of our greatest blessings and we are so lucky any time we get to see them and catch up.


"I'm a Preschool Girl now"

I always say that Sadie is an old soul. She's three going on thirteen. She's always been precocious and just ready for the next step ahead of her. So you can only imagine how she was DYING to go to preschool. Once the other kids started school, she still had a month before she started so she would pretend she was in school. We'd be sitting at the dinner table and Sadie would pipe up, "Who wants to hear about my day?? I lost a stick because my teacher is SO SO mean." She would get up to the table with the other kids after school and do fake homework. The only thing that pacified her while she waited the long month for preschool was knowing she was the oldest one at home. The second the kids were out of the car I'd hear her little voice, "Well, I'm the oldest now." Every single day.

But FINALLY, we started school at Miss Becky's. Becky has now taught three of my kids. I honestly never thought we'd live in this house for more than 2 years, much less long enough for 3 of my kids to go to the same preschool. But now we're staying for Luke! We love Becky -- she is honestly a great friend and her family feels like part of our family.

Sadie went off without a tear and the best part is -- she gives me WAY more details than Ellie or Nate ever did. I got to hear all about the "Rules Rap" and nocturnal animals ("They go to school at night time."). She brought home a picture of all sorts of nocturnal animals except she refused to color the owl because, "he has scary eyes." Yesterday she insisted on packing snacks for everyone at preschool: a peach, one carton of yogurt, two candy bars and a baggie full of pretzels.