Let's Get Physical

Much to my friends and family's chagrin, I've spent the last 9 weeks participating in a Fitness Challenge with my gym buddies.

Forgive the terrible picture, we had just finished working out for an hour and the lighting in the gym isn't exactly photo shoot approved. If you can believe it, there's one that's even WORSE than this one.

Seven days a week we lived by 5 hard and fast rules:
* Keep a food journal (I wanted to burn mine by the end)
* Drink 8 glasses of water a day (I think we all know this was not a problem for me since I've actually gotten drunk off of water before -- literally people -- LITERALLY)
* No sugar (cue my sobbing right now)
* One hour of exercise (except Sunday)
* No eating after 7

On weekdays a die was rolled between 8 and 9 pm for a bonus point for the day. If you followed the rule that corresponded with the number rolled for the day you got another point.
* No soda
* No white flour
* No fast food
* Half hour of extra exercise
* Bed by 10
* 5 servings of fruits and veggies

Each Sunday night you had to e-mail Melinda with your total points (worth one more point) making each week worth 40 points. We did get one cheat day a week which made it all bearable.

I don't know who was more annoyed, my husband when I would scarf down a meal at 6:55 before putting anyone else's food on the table, or my friends when we went out to eat and I grilled the waiters and passed on dessert.  Or the last Friday night of the challenge when I had to go to bed at 10 pm.

But guess what - I WON! Well, I tied for winner. Whomp whomp. I guess that means it was too easy? It didn't feel too easy. We're revamping the rules for round 2. Yes, I'm crazy. Not only did I sign up for round two. . . I'm in charge.


Gooooo Flamingoes!

What's super cute, wears pink and loves sugar?
This girl!

Sadie's playing soccer again this season, mainly because we both love her coaches and all the girls on the team. It's fun to get to play with some of your favorite friends twice a week.

Their team name?  The Cotton Candy Eating Pink Flamingoes!

Sadie had a great game and almost scored a goal!  We were so proud of how aggressive she got.


Holy War

The football game between BYU and the University of Utah is called the Holy War. It's a fierce rivalry and 2013 was the last year until 2016 where the two teams will meet. Dustin and his friend, Mike, decided to fly up with our boys for the game.

We didn't tell Nate until the morning he left. I woke him up for "school" about 30 minutes before he was suppose to leave for the airport but Dustin wasn't home yet, so I was trying to stall him from getting dressed in his uniform. I think he probably hated me as I made him clean his room, take out the trash, pack everyone's lunches, take out the recycling. . .

When we finally told him, he was in shock. He looked at us like he couldn't quite process that it was happening. He kept popping up and saying, "WAIT! I really don't have to wear my uniform?" And "So THAT'S why you said I was having a sleepover with Daven on Friday."
We sent them off and then I harassed Dustin for pictures all weekend.

Thursday they landed, got the car and went out for burgers at Cubbie's.
Then they headed to the Holy Land aka the BYU bookstore to buy game day shirts and get the gift buying out of the way and it's a good thing they did because I guess the place was mobbed by Saturday.

After grabbing some dessert at my favorite cafe, they ran by some birthday gifts for two of my old Laurels who are now at BYU.

By now it was dinner.
Nate is a HUGE salad lover, so they went to Zuppa's followed by a night at the Nickelcade!
I asked Nate what his favorite part of the day was and he said, "Spending time with my dad."

I wish I were making this up, but the first thing they did Friday morning was. . . go to Crossfit. My husband makes me laugh.  Another thing we ALWAYS do when we get to Provo -- Hike the Y!

By now I think Nate was already worn out and you can tell it in his eyes.  Dustin said he ate that entire plate of french toast.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out with our friends, the Bryners, who had just gotten into town. The boys were happy to be reunited, even if their bitterest rivalry was just about to begin.
Mike's parents graciously opened up their home to everyone and even fed them all.

Saturday morning Mike took the boys around to a few new places (since we hardly ever do much in Salt Lake). First up -- This is the Place Monument!
I did actually pack shirts that fit for Nate to wear, but Dustin let him wear his PJ shirt because he didn't want his game shirt to get dirty before the 8:15 pm kick off.

They also hit up The Pie for lunch. I don't know what Dustin was thinking taking him there -- it's a Ute hang out AND there's lots and lots of cheese, but Nate was a good sport and got to sign the walls. Finally the made it back to Provo to hook up with my Brother-in-Law Kyle who has also flown in for the Holy War.
Kyle had to do his own shopping at the super crazy Wilk, so the rest of the boys were just hanging out when Dustin noticed Kyle VanNoy, so he grabbed Nate and ran over to get his hat signed.
Lucky Nate! One more trip to Cubby's for another burger and then it was time for some tailgating!
Nate got his hat signed by some other famous BYU player, but even better. . . he met COSMO!!!  Cosmo is a in our house.
Dustin said Nate had a hard time during the game, especially when BYU couldn't manage to score in the first half. There may have been tears shed. There was also an incident where Nate and Dustin got separated on a bathroom trip, and the part where Dustin hauled all over the stadium to get Nate a BLUE cougar tail only to have Nate turn up his nose at it because it he doesn't "like blue frosting." Apparently he has a thing against artificial food coloring?
And then of course on top of that we lost (please note how Kyle had to sit between the two frenemies). But Nate perked up in the 2nd half and cheered when the Cougars scored.

We were eager to have them home the next day. Sadie kept watching the clock counting down the hours. We didn't get much swag since we're going back in just a few short weeks, but we did get our awesome game day shirts!

Nate said it was the best trip ever. I am so glad he and Dustin got some down time and I'm all ready to send them off for a repeat in 2016.


Random iPhone Fun

Dustin had a fantasy football draft night, which meant I was going to be hanging out with the kiddos for the weekend. I caved and let them each invite a friend over for a little party.
Ellie and her girlfriends spent their time either locked in their room painting nails and laughing hysterically (possibly from the fumes going on in that room) and making everyone milk shakes. These girls must have rock hard abs because they literally laughed for 6 hours straight. Literally!  LITERALLY!
Avery thought I was the coolest mom ever because I had a TV in my ROOM!  I let those two girls snuggle in my bed and play "fashion" all night. It's actually my favorite thing to crawl into bed with my girlfriends too. But not in a weird creepy way, more like a "We're so close that this is NOT creepy at all, but totally normal."
And these two. . . they had a fun time throwing popcorn into each other's mouths. I think they missed a lot.
We spent Labor Day BBQing and swimming with some of our favorite people. When it got dark we went inside and all 30 of us piled into the family room to watch Studio C clips.
BYU football season is upon us and we will do anything we can to watch it. Even if it means asking the salesman at Nordstrom to change the channel for me. Or playing games with friends with it on the.entire.time.
Rickie and I took the kids on an adventure in the pouring rain. We never get to use umbrellas in Arizona!
Half day for the kids, but school for Luke,  meant a lunch date at Cafe Rio
The weather is finally cooling off so we've had lots of BBQs and park days with friends since the nights are so nice.
I bought Luke a winter coat which he insisted on wearing all day and Sadie is an amazing reader with lots of inflection and emotions!
I took Belly Dancing and let me tell you, my hips do not move like Shakira.
Before it cooled off, it was still ridiculously hot and we swam into late September. It is still in the 90s but that means soup and boots for Arizona girls!
My girlfriend turned 40 and we celebrated with a 70's murder mystery night. Dustin would be totally creepy with a mustache.

More and more swimming. I will be so glad to put away the swimsuits and towels for good! I will miss how well the kids sleep after an afternoon of swimming.

Luke has turned into a pretty great swimmer this summer. I hope he doesn't forget in the next 6 months.


Kids These Days

Luke comes out and tries to get me off the couch repeatedly while I tell him I'm taking a quick nap and to go ask the girls for help.
He then picks up my iPhone and gets into Siri: Wake up Mom.
Siri: I'm sorry, I don't see a Micheal in your contact list
Luke: No. I need a new mom who's not sleeping.