First Day of School

School starts early in Arizona -- and we started even earlier. A friend of ours offered to come over and take Back to School pictures the week beforehand.

It made that morning so much nicer not having to rush around and take pictures. Especially since it was Luke's first day of Kindergarten.

Of course then the kids all chose to wear something different on the actual 1st day of school so you can totally tell I cheated on their pictures.

All of the kids have great teachers this year. Nate has Ellie's old 4th grade teacher who I love and adore. He ran for class representative. . . and won!

Sadie's teacher is a friend of Dustin's from the gym and we love her. She is just as funny and silly as Sadie and adores Sadie.

Luke has the same Kindergarten teacher that Sadie and Nate had and she is the absolute best Kindergarten teacher around. He loves school, he loves homework and he is learning so much. We were SUPER lucky this year.

I only cried for a little bit after Luke walked into school but it was enough that I totally looked like a crazy woman walking to the car.
I was grateful to have Ellie still at home to entertain me for those first few days without Luke. She even helped me put together the First Day of School dinner.

Luke has been having so much fun at school that I don't even mind saying good bye to him each morning. When he comes home he's a little cranky and tired, but he's trying to earn points to buy school lunch so he's highly motivated these days to be a little nicer.

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