Father's and Sons

Dustin took Luke on his first ever Fathers and Sons Camping Trip.  I think he was a little nervous, but Luke did great and laid in the dirt the entire time playing with his dinosaurs.  The only other detail I got was that he stood by Dustin as he served breakfast and stole 10 or 12 pieces of bacon to eat.

The girls and I had a fun night out with my girl friends Karen and Jill and their daughters.  We went out to dinner and then stayed up chatting so late even Sadie fell asleep on my lap.  Cleaned the church, got donuts for breakfast, went to see a movie and before we knew it the boys were back in town.

Luke returned wearing the exact same clothes that he left in.  Apparently Dustin didn't want get more than one pair of clothes dirty.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect picture of Luke!
Love Aunt Beaney