It's 9 pm and in what is quickly becoming a new "normal," I am waiting up for Ellie to get home.  Well technically last week Ellie was suppose to be home at 8 pm, but I was out with some girlfriends and Dustin called at 9:30 to see what time he was suppose to pick her up.  Ummmmm, an hour and a half ago?

I seriously love Fridays.  Homework for 3 kids is akin to Chinese Water Torture.  You can only take so much whining, correcting, pencil sharpening, bathroom-breaking, snack eating, paper strewing, time wasting, doodle drawing, stinky feet smelling before

But on Fridays we play!!  I get to be "nice, fun mom."  Snacks for everyone!  Sometimes Fridays look like this:
Runway Show in Mom's clothes (and face painting for the baby brother)
 Beyblade Battles
  iPad playing
 Secret You-Have-No-Idea-What-We're-Doing-Behind-Closed-Doors things
 Barbie dolls and dance parties
Cars, dinosaurs, legos, Superheroes. . .

It's all good. . . as long as it's not the day my house cleaners come.  That Friday my house is not the fun house and *definitely* not the snack house.

Today was a relatively quiet Friday. Karen drives the kids home in the afternoon and the last few Fridays the kids have all just stayed and played while Karen and I catch up.  Nate disappeared to a neighbor's.  The girls all played in their rooms.  Luke floated in and out.  Sometimes in underwear, sometimes not.  Karen and her kids left around 5:30.  Ellie got picked up for her party.
 Nate came home sometime after 6.  We ate leftovers since Dustin is off at a Church youth retreat.  The FroYo Fairies appeared at my door.

Life is good.


Kristine Hodson said...

Is that CLUB PENGUINE on the iPad!
I thought Luke had a big OUCH on his nose! said...

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Lisa Brown said...

I love the freedom that weekends bring too. As much as I love the schedule of school, I always long for the freedom I had back before my kids were old enough to be in school and involved in other things.