The other stuff

Other than holidays and birthdays we've been having lots of fun.

We ended up being vested in the Red Sox winning the World Series.
 Our friend is a huge fan and they had us all over when they ended up winning their 2nd game. So they invited us back for a potluck dinner for the 3rd game. And then the 4th. It was a great time for all the kids and my kitchen stayed SO CLEAN that week.

Somehow Jared convinced Dustin to dress up like a turkey and told the kids a ghost story about a giant turkey that roamed the land and pooped candy. Then he had all the kids call to the ghost turkey to see if he'd come out. Luke promptly ran into their house and slammed the door. This is the only picture Dustin will allow me to post.

Taught Art Masterpiece to 1st, 3rd and 6th graders.

My girl friend Julie found out she's having a baby girl! Her youngest is 8!

Soccer, soccer, soccer. Sadie literally only orders rice.

We did the JDRF 5K for the cure for Nate's friend Dayne who has type 1 diabetes. The kids were more excited about all the freebies.  Gatorade everywhere, free Rubio's meals, toy cars and Ellie won a florescent green chair from Go Daddy.

 Stake Fair!! 

 Ellie earned a principal award for her excellent class participation and wonderful oral reading skills.

 We painted dished for my parent's Christmas present. I even got complimented on how well behaved my children were.  I wanted to pack up shop right then and there before they proved her wrong. I made Luke write his name on the plate and he was pretty upset because he wanted to write my dad's name on it.  "Grandpa is going to be SO MAD at you, Mom."

Baby Sprinkle for my gorgeous friend, Sara

 Who had her perfect baby Allie -- not even an hour old

 Birthday dinner for the birthday week boys and girl (we have 3 friends with birthdays right in a row)

 Followed by a rousing game of Head Bandz. That game is freakishly hard. How can we expect kids to play this??

 My birthday lunch with girlfriends

 Zoo with Luke's best buddies

 Dustin traveled, and traveled, and traveled some more. But at least when he went to Provo he brought home an AWESOME gift.

 If you appreciated Should Angel, you'll love Lobster Bisque

 Luke told me what he wanted for Christmas is a baby. "A REAL baby. How do you get one of those?"

We are blessed!

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