You know what happened the 3rd week of December? My parents came!  Hooray!
That means I spent the whole week getting ready for them. Before they got here I made a few shopping trips to stock up the house. Cleaned it top to bottom. Luckily the lice scare had given us a jump start.

We delivered all of our neighbor gifts.  This year was a variety of stuff, but if you were extra lucky you got donut holes from Bosa.

At Book Club, Kristin and I dressed alike. We own the same wardrobe, it's inevitable. Besides the excellent discussion and company, I won the BEST prize in the White Elephant exchange -- movie tickets and earrings.
We finally saw Catching Fire with those tickets.

The day they arrived was Nate's class party. I planned the whole thing out, but had so much fun in the corner playing the Candy bar game with the kids that I forgot to take a single picture.
But we made gifts like popcorn wrapped like snowmen and ornaments with rolled paper. Not one single one came out like the sample for some reason.

Santa also made a stop in at Luke's preschool for his class party.

Once my parents were here, all work stopped and only fun was allowed.  Their very first day we headed to the zoo which somehow meant polar slides and carousel rides.

That night Dustin and my dad took the older kids to see the Hobbit while my mom watched the little ones and I went to Lauri's fabulous cookie party.
 The next morning Nate thought he would have a little sampling of each kind of cookie.

The weather was gorgeous the entire time, so we spent lots of time outside!
We played Jenga, got pedicures and also celebrated my parents wedding anniversary with dinner at Brio that night.

Saturday we woke up and thought, "Where is the most crowded place on earth that we could go today?" So we went to Target the Saturday before Christmas!  Hooray!  Actually, it wasn't too bad despite the fact that there were zero carts.

We twisted my parents arm to get them to babysit one more time while we went out to dinner with some of our favorite old neighbors.

On Sunday we dressed in our finest and I enjoyed sacrament immensely since the kids were all entertained by my parents.
Dustin actually tried to get me to speak, but I told him no way. He didn't even get away with assigning me a prayer.

Basically we played games and ate lots of food. It was the perfect lead into Christmas.

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Anita said...

Your parents look almost as fun as you Maddy:) What a great family!