Sadie at SEVEN!

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Number: 7 because I'm 7

Favorite Drink: Pink lemonade

Favorite Food: Watermelon

Favorite Dessert: Ice Cream

Favorite Game: Line Up

Favorite Animal: Giraffe

Favorite TV Show: I Didn't Do It

I feel sad when: somebody is mean to me

I feel mad when: someone says mean things about me

I like it when my friends: play with me

I like it when I: jump on the trampline

I wish I could: have wings

Who is your best friend? Brynley and Avery

Why? Because they are awesome

What makes you laugh? Jokes

What is your favorite movie? Frozen

What are you most afraid of? monsters and the dark

What is your favorite song? Space Unicorns

What is your favorite activity? Reading

What do you want to be when you grow up? An artist

What three things are you are good at? Art, singing, and dancing

What is the best thing about being seven? I'm the one of the oldest in my class

What makes you special? Everything. I can't name all of them.

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