September according to my phone

September started off awesome and ended equally awesome. Well, I'm assuming it will since there are still a few days left. I'll start off with a teaser from our girls' trip. More to come on that later. . .
Torrential downpour lead to massive amounts of flooding, road closures and parks made into pools.

Luke proved why he is my absolute favorite person in the world.

My girlfriend, Maren, hosted a sweet Favorite's Things party. I came home with the sweetest swag.

Some great date nights with friends.

The kids started running on Saturdays. Sadie always has the best outfits.

She also got a Principal's award for being practically perfect in every way. That's not actually what it said, but it should have. The real award -- Sadie is creative and always asks thoughtful questions. She gives 100% in all academic areas.

Lots of time at the doctor with this girl. She amazes me with her maturity and ability to just take everything that comes at her with a smile.

Luke started soccer at school. He comes home very warm from 3 pm practice.

Nate earned his Bear at the Cub Scout carnival.

WE FINISHED THE BOOK OF MORMON! I feel like this deserves all caps. And a major award.

Luke learned to use chop sticks.

It's Wanda Witch season. You may celebrate "Fall" or "Halloween" or whatever those holidays are. But not me. I spend all year gearing up for Wanda Witch. This year I have a new partner in crime, who happens to be my oldest friend (not in age). We've been friends for nearly 34 years so doing this together is AWESOME!
Tomorrow is our Primary Program. Practice may have been a little crazy, but I am so excited to see my kids up there tomorrow. They all have their parts memorized -- including Luke who has a whole scripture and Sadie who has the 13th Article of Faith!
And it's soccer season despite being a million and one degrees out at our 11 am game. The Tigers did grrrrreat and started off with a win. I'm not sure Sadie loves soccer but she loves her friends and most of them are on this team, so she plays with massive amounts of enthusiasm.
The little three are off for two glorious weeks of no homework, no packing lunches and NO uniforms, so it can only get better from here!

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