December was a blur for me. I wasn't 100% for the month, so there really aren't too many pictures of anything leading up to Christmas. We opted for a slower December than usual and it was actually quite lovely not to have to run around to make it to the ballet or the train park or host this event or the other.

From the few pictures we learn that I met a Sister Wife! A guy at our gym was telling us about how some reality tv lady was coming to his restaurant for a publicity thing. When we found out we were dying to go. We might have been the only people were excited about it, though. I think our friend Molly even mentioned that we were dying to be sister wives. uhhhh. . .

My sister had a BABY!!! She might be the cutest thing ever. Spoiler alert: she's also a lot of work! Between jaundice and RSV that poor baby has been on oxygen most of her life since this picture was taken.

Ward party talent show!! Luke and Sadie were reindeers in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

We matched for Christmas Sunday.

 The kids were in a Nativity at Church.

And we spent lots of time playing board games and watching Christmas movies. 

It was a lovely December.

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