Ni Hao

Sadie is always thinking. Her mind runs a million miles a minute and she is always full of questions and profound insights. Sometimes I need a little break from my bundle of energy and that comes in the form of a nap. Especially on days when my own crazy brain wakes me up before 4 am.

On days like these I like to turn on the TV for Sadie while Luke takes a nap and pass out on the floor of the living room for 20 minutes. During this precious 20 minutes there is a show on Nick Jr. called Ni Hao Kai-Lan which Sadie LOVES to watch. It's like the Chinese version of Dora.
Yes, Sadie likes to run and talk and make a mess, I mean CREATE! She does NOT like to stop and pose for pictures.

A few weeks ago at Sadie's Pre School Open House, I introduced her to a little girl who would be in her class on Wednesday. It went something like this:

Me: Sadie, this is Kailyn. She's going to be in your class.
Sadie: Oooooooh! Hi Kailyn.
Kailyn just smiles
Sadie (in her sappy sweet mothering voice): Oooooh, don't worry Kailyn. I speak Chinese! Yi, er, san.

Sadie is not only a constant source of entertainment, but she is also very considerate of others! And brilliant. I mean, she speaks Chinese.


Kathleen said...

does sadie know mulan, SHE'S a chinese character ;-)

love that sadie rogers, aka mini maddy. please write a post about her scheduling.

Anonymous said...

Of course she knows Mulan. She has played tennis with her in Idaho. Love Aunt Beaney
I cannot wait for October.

Lisa Brown said...

That is just awesome!

Kat said...

This is soo funny because my niece goes to a school where half the day is in Chinese and the other half in English. Oh the words that come outta their mouths lol! Sadie is a crack up :)