Good List/Bad List

On the Good List:

1.The pitter patter of little feet

Luke has 5 weeks of "mommy time" before he starts playgroup. He's a little bored of me, so we are both grateful for any chance we have to spend time with friends.

2. Doing things that make the big kids jealous
With no school to work around and it possibly being Luke's last year at home, we've been having fun. Lunch dates, swimming, water parks and movies, oh my!

3. Winner, winner, chicken dinner
Ellie won Class Rep! She failed to mention that she was going to run, so it was an even better surprise that I didn't have to worry all week to find out the results. She made this poster when she finished her work early in math class.

4.Fatty fat foods
We are huge Bosa donut fans in our house, so the grand opening of one less than a mile away (door to door) was a cause for much celebration. Dustin had to wait in line forever. And then they were out of pink donuts, but they were still delicious.  It's been opened 4 days and Sadie's already wondering why we've only gone once.

5. Go Tribe!
When we were in Williamsburg we hit up the William and Mary bookstore for some swag. Luke found this little foam basketball that he loved. There wasn't a price sticker on it, but it was small and Luke liked it, so we told him yes.  When we got up to the cash register we discovered it was $17 and change. For a foam basketball. Obviously W&M has a very upscale student base. We're used to those cheapy LDS prices.

But by now Luke was emotionally invested in the ball and we had invested a lot of time in waiting in that line and corralling 8 children, so we bought the dumb thing. He promptly lost it within the next 5 days.

It was a fun surprise that my parents went back to the store on the way home and re-purchased the ridiculously expensive play toy that will certainly be lost again. Grandparents are the best.

6. Goooooooo Cougars
Dustin and a friend are flying up with our boys for the BYU/Utah game. Nate doesn't know yet and it is KILLING me not to say anything, but I think the surprise will be worth it.


1. Good bye flip flops
I hate socks. I hate shoes. I especially hate the shoes that come home from school. The backs are smashed from kids walking on their heels. The toes are scuffed up from dragging them in the dirt. Annnnnnnd. . . the shoes are filled with wood chips. Sadie came home with these beauties one day. How did she walk in them? Also, can we talk about socks? I hate socks with a passion. I hate how quickly they get holes. I hate how only one ever makes it to the wash. I hate pairing them up.

2. Being old
We had to chaperone a stake dance. I felt so old. The music was loud and I had to heard kids into a room and force them to ask girls to dance. They should have let me man the dessert table.

3. Spots and speckles
Luke has Fifths Disease. He is covered head to toe in this lovely rash. I feel like a terrible mother because I can barely stand to touch him and he just wants to cuddle all the time. Also, it's 110 degrees outside and I'm dressing Luke in long sleeves and long pants to avoid stares and questions when we go out.

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Lisa Brown said...

I think that kids have feet made of leather - I don't get the rocks, sand, woodchips in their shoes thing either. And how fun that you have all that extra time with Luke :).