Dustin and I took a trip for work to Hawaii in February. It was the best kind of trip -- kidless and free. Every job has its advantages and disadvantages. I spend a lot of nights alone while Dustin travels all over during the week, but every once in awhile his company lets us know how much they appreciate all his hard work.

The trip was especially fun since a few of our favorite work colleagues also came along, which meant lots of time chatting around the pool and long dinners. Vacation is so awesome because you don't have to clean or cook.
Dustin and I flew in early and spent the first day by ourselves. My favorite part had to be dinner with the most delicious fresh sushi.
When we woke up, we got to eat breakfast on the beach while the sun rose. (The perk of being in a time zone 3 hours behind).

Another fun perk of the trip is that every night, after you return from the evening's festivities, there is a little gift on the bed. This year we were gifted Maui Jim sunglasses, Tori Burch beach bags, Tiffany's jewelry, a Sony camera lens for our phones and Beats wireless headphones.

There are also activities you can sign up for every day. One day Dianelle and I spent the whole afternoon at the spa, including a massage on the beach.
 Dustin and I went an ATV ride up to a waterfall hike one day.
This picture is terrible, but I had to have proof that I actually got in the water at one of them and swam around.
For lunch we had this view:

We also went night swimming with manta rays.
And to top everything off, there were two concerts-- Kings of Leon and Michael Buble. It was a ridiculously perfect week.

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