Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a family celebration in our house. Dustin and I go on lots of date nights and have lots of opportunities to show love other days of the year. So we are always so excited to make our kids feel like they're a special part of the day too!
I stopped helping the kids make Valentines once all 4 kids were in school and we needed approximately one million Valentines, but I do let the kids make a few for special friends. Luke made one at school for his friend, Piper, who had made him one earlier in the week.
 I asked him if he liked it and he said, "Yes. And then she corrected all my mistakes." I about died laughing.

Sadie made hair bows for a couple of friends.
And drew little cards to put them on.

Friday, the 13th, all of the kids had class parties. I was up subbing 5th graders at school so I got to attend a party of my own. And they even brought me Valentines!!
 I managed to stop by and see everyone on my lunch break, except for Nate who is way too cool for me anyway.

 I also made sure Sadie had some swanky hair to celebrate!

Valentine's morning, we woke up to flowers and cards and everyone's favorite -- fruit in the shape of hearts!
Nate had an early morning football game, so after getting home at midnight from Galentine's Day, I had to stay up and put together the scavenger hunt for all the kids to find their gifts from us.
In return, Sadie made breakfast for everyone.
Dustin made us a fancy dinner and then we sat outside and made s'mores around the fire pit while the kids entertained us with jokes, stories and performances. There are lots of moments of crazy at our house, but there are just as many moments of perfection.

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