We had a beautiful, relaxed Easter this year. It happened to fall on Conference weekend which meant no shopping for dresses, no meetings for Dustin and lots of family time.
Saturday morning we had our Easter egg hunt. I was so proud of myself for not going overboard on gifts this year. The kids each got a swimsuit, flip flops and one little summer treat.

That night we had our usual Priesthood-less at the Park for which I have zero pictures. Usually we do sleep overs and do Conference with the McGuire girls, but they had family in town for a reunion, so I took all of my own kids home and put them to bed.
My amazing girlfriend, Deborah, made cinnamon rolls which everyone scarfed down for nreakfast and then we cuddled on the couch.
Our friends, the Bryners, came over for dinner. I didn't take a single picture except for a picture of the piece of shortcake Mike took before Dustin drove him to the airport.
Right from the center. The Bryners are moving to Utah this summer and we will miss celebrating the holidays with them.

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