Birthday Girl!

We officially have a teenager living in our house!! And we couldn't have picked a better one if we tried.
Ellie started off her morning with McDonald's pancakes. I found this an odd choice, but it's what she wanted. Luke actually would like to eat McDonald's for every meal out, but the other kids always poo poo it. Finally one day he cried, "Why do you all hate McDonald's?" Apparently they do not disapprove of McDonald's breakfast.

She tried to talk me into letting her stay home from school for the day, but off she went. For dinner she picked Oregano's which wins with the entire family. Mainly because of the pizza cookies.

It's like she just woke up and looked older.

She wanted a penny board for her birthday and to not have an official birthday party. Luckily her birthday lined up nicely with Father and Sons.

The boys took off, I sent Sadie to a sleep over and then prepared to entertain 3 of Ellie's friends for the evening (I had Dustin's car so that as many as I could fit).
We baked pizzas, bought cookie dough, ice cream and chips and then my only other job was to ignore them. I dropped them off for a movie, picked them back up and then shut myself into my room. I set out some ground rules, but I've known all these girls since they were in diapers and I know I can trust them so I fell asleep before 10 pm.

I took them all out for breakfast and then they all disappeared into Ellie's room. There are some definite perks to teenagers!

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