Little known fact -- Ellie's name is not Ellie. When she was a Sunbeam, she had her hand raised to answer a question and the Primary President called on Isabelle. Ellie kept her hand raised and looked around the room looking for Isabelle. When she was 6, her Primary teacher came up and asked me where Belle was. I had to inform them I had no idea who Belle was. Turns out they had shortened Isabelle to Belle and Ellie had been to sweet to correct them. They still call her Belle to this day (we find this endearing, not annoying).
Apparently naming your daughter Isabelle and calling her Ellie is the world's greatest disservice. When I was pregnant with Nate, I wanted to name him William after our Grandfathers and call him Liam. Dustin told me he was "over" the end of the name nick names. Ellie would even like me to legally change her name to Elanor. I'm actually contemplating it, but I'm probably too lazy to do it.

Anyway, whatever her name is, we love Ellie!! Let's think up some random tidbits about Ellie at 9:
  • She is grumpy in the morning and yet every night she wants to stay up reading
  • Ellie would love it if she could color and create everything with nail polish. It's probably because it was banned from our house for a year after the birthday party where they left all the nail polish out and open so Sadie painted the bed spreads and carpet.
  • She is a shoe girl. First it was sketchers, then it was Vans (which she bought with her own money) and of course every winter we have to get boots (even if it's the end of November and still in the 70s).
  • Ellie is currently obsessed with Harry Potter. She's on Book 5 and asked for all the movies for Christmas.
  • She enjoys squeezing into her PJs from Kindergarten (she's in 4th grade) and Sadie's sweaters
  • Ellie is the best organizer ever and is always coming up with fun games and activities for us to do. She also leaves sweet notes everywhere in the house.

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Megan said...

We can so relate with the name thing....poor LIbby came home from her first day of school and her teacher and made labels for everything for each student...Libby has ELIZABETH stuck to every item she uses for 4th grade.
And Sean said the same thing as Dustin when I wanted to name Ella, Isabella and call her Ella. He said if I was going to call her Ella, then we had to name her Ella.