Sweet sweet Sadies

When we were deciding on names for Nate, I loved the name Sadie for a girl.  Dustin told me it was a Grandma name and we would never use it.  Then we moved to our street and there was the most adorable little girl named Sadie.  And then another one moved in.  When we found out #3 was a girl, I was so excited because Dustin finally agreed that we know the cutest Sadies in the world.
Our little Sadie came into the world with blond hair just like the other Sadies we knew and while one has moved away, we are so grateful to still have one other Sadie on the street.  I love that when they're both over I can ask my Sadie to do something and the other Sadie does it for me.

They usually end up changing clothes and 9 times out of 10, they change into these black leotards and put on a dance party for me.
They think it's pretty special having a friend with your same name (at least right now when they're 5 and 6).


Janel said...

Big Sadie is still proud to be in the original "Sadie" trio!!! SO CUTE!!

Lisa Brown said...

So fun! I love that name too :). Oh, and I loved Luke's b-day party - looks like a blast. And how is he already 3?? Reminds me that this baby I am having will grow up super fast, and so I had better enjoy each moment. Except for now - I really hate being pregnant :). I will enjoy the moments once it is here.