Karate Chop

Like most boys, Nate's #1 career goal is to be a Ninja. Being the supportive parents we are, we decided that taking Karate would be the natural first step.

Miss Julie, our amazing piano teacher and friend, even took Nate to see her girls in action to make sure he wanted to sign up.  It's just a program out of the Junior High by us, so you don't actually have to wear a "gi" although they do have some available for purchase.

I sent Dustin and a sweats-wearing Nate to his first lesson.  Right before the lesson was about to start, a picture of Nate clad in black was sent to my phone.  It looks like Mommy isn't the only softie in the family, despite what Daddy says every time I come home from the store.

So far I've been really happy with the program.  They encourage responsibility and self defense. Even better. . . Travis, Nate's best friend, signed up for Karate too!

As soon as I can get Nate to stop whining about running half a mile I'm going to make him my running buddy so I can stop carrying that baseball bat.

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Kathleen said...

TOTAL softie!!! AND the baseball bat part cracked me up!! remember that one time you tried to convince me you take your neighbor's mastiff named "PING" running with you??