May Days

May is always a fun time of year. The weather is still tolerable and everyone can taste the summer freedom around the corner. The kids are always playing outside, which means they sometimes come home looking like this:

It doesn't get dark until much later which means the neighborhood kids can play all night long.

Luke started swimming lessons. This means that he thinks he can swim anytime now since he doesn't need a floatie. We were visiting a friend's cousin when this all went down.

We've been squeezing in date nights with friends whenever possible since everyone leaves town for the summer. This was a trip out for halo halo.

Nate's football team won the CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! This was a major big deal. Especially since we played the only team they lost to all season. It was intense, but the boys won by 2 touchdowns.  Nate had some great pulls at the end and has really improved over the season. I'm glad it's over though, because it was getting HOT out there.

There's been lots and lots of swimming. I refuse to get in the pool until July, but the kids tell me the water is still cold.

Getting some work done on Art Masterpiece so it's ready to go for next year. Every Tuesday was a major meeting at my house. This has eaten up more time than I probably should have devoted to it, which means laundry has been ignored, but the kids have been so helpful pounding out new lesson samples and helping me figure out steps for projects.

I cannot get enough of those dumb waffle trucks which is really messing with my plans to get skinny for swimsuit season.

Diane had a few of us over for a Mommy-Daughter night. We made necklaces, did some make-overs and painted nails.

Took the kids out to celebrate the end of preschool, AR tests, research reports and everything else that's been looming over our heads refusing to let us enjoy the last few weeks of May.

Celebrated a great 1st grade year at Sadie's portfolio day. We got to take her out for lunch and spend some time with just her and her dimples.

It's been great so far! Only two more days of school and we are DONE!!

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