Mother's Day

Mother's Day was perfect this year. The kids spoiled me with jewelry, exercise clothes, and the ever awesome COUPON BOOKS!
Luke got me some flowers and invited me to preschool tea.
I was treated to his amazing picture of him taken by his wonderful preschool teacher.

Breakfast in bed was pretty funny. I was so starving by the time it came that I plopped a few strawberries in my mouth before properly appreciating it. That's when I noticed my strawberries were hearts and my bacon spelled MOM! I was wondering why they thought I liked bacon so much.
 Every mother wants the same thing for Mother's Day -- no fighting and a clean house. And I got it! The kids were perfect for me at church and Sadie came home with a little survey, I love that she thinks my eyes are "pazel." She still does not know the word was actually hazel.
Dustin got home from church in time to eat lunch with us and I got cookies and milk as a snack.
Dinner was served by the fanciest group of kids in the world. I had a waiter and menu. The heart theme continued all day.
I'm just sad I never got a picture of me with my wonderful children.

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