Nate at TEN!

Favorite Color: black and blue

Favorite Number: 10

Favorite Drink: root beer

Favorite Food: chips and salsa

Favorite Dessert: brownies

Favorite Game: monopoly

Favorite Animal: cougar

Favorite TV Show: Teen Titans

I feel sad when: someone hurts my feelings

I feel mad when: someone punches me

I like it when my friends: make me laugh

I like it when I: hang out with friends

I wish I could: win a million dollars

Who is your best friend? Daven

Why? Because I've known him the longest

What makes you laugh?When someone acts like a maniac monkey

What is your favorite movie? Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

What are you most afraid of? Creeping murderer clowns

What is your favorite song? Demons

What is your favorite activity? spend time with my family

What do you want to be when you grow up? A dentist

What three things are you are good at? football, legos, and being kind

What is the best thing about being ten? Being double digits

What makes you special? Everything

1 comment:

Lisa Brown said...

He is so grown up! And I am also afraid of "creeping murderer clowns" :).