Utah 2014 -- Game Night

For October break we headed up for a week in Utah. I love Utah and I love BYU, but the main attraction was seeing my sister and her girls!!
They drove into town a day earlier, so we planned on meeting up at the Cougar Eat for lunch to see each other as soon as possible. And as fate would have it -- they pulled into the parking lot just as we were getting out of the car.
We hugged and squealed and kissed and then headed to the chaos that is the Wilk. I don't know why my kids love eating there so much. Especially since we usually eat at Chick Fil A which is 2 minutes away from our house here. Plus, it is a madhouse and we're scrambling around trying to find empty tables to squish together and trying to figure out who has which kids and running to the bathroom every five seconds. . . but now it's tradition, so we do it.
The only saving grace -- BYU mint brownies. And then the bookstore for our Royal Blue spirit wear!!  Oh BYU, why must you always have a different colored game day shirt for the one game we come to watch??
When we were done with all that hoopla we headed for our third favorite Wilk activity (don't ask me what our fourth favorite is because I don't think we have one). . . bowling. In a historic round of bowling, Ellie, Nate and Luke all managed to bowl a strike.

Sadie did not, but it ended up being a winning activity for her too because she managed to get a pencil out one of those stuffed animal grabbers. I always tell my kids not to waste their money on those because you never win anything, so imagine my surprise when I hear Sadie hollering with glee.

Another pregame tradition is Cubby's for dinner. Instead of driving the masses there, we had the boys pick it up and bring it back to our hotel lobby for dinner.
While Kathleen and Kyle dropped their kids off, Dustin took our big kids to Rita's Water Ice while I got Luke ready for the game. It was his first football game and I don't think he could have been more excited about the whole thing.

We walked over early so Luke could soak everything in and also so I would have plenty of time to ask strangers to take pictures of our entire family decked out for the game. I think I was excited as Luke was to finally have all the kids be old enough to sit through the game.

We took the kids down to the field to watch warm-ups and they even got high-fives from some of the players.
The game started off great with a fast touch down and then it sort of went downhill from there. The quarterback broke his leg, a few more players got hurt (a ref too), and by the end I had lost count of interceptions our back up quarterback had thrown.

Nate actually started crying at one point. The only good news was that the game was so bad so early on that by the fourth quarter we had resigned ourselves to losing and were laughing at our misfortune.

Instead of being sad, we focused on the positives: 

We met Cosmo!
 Dustin had gone to get Cougartails with Luke and when they came back guess who was walking up right there with them. I didn't get a picture until all the hugging and high-fiving was over.

We spent time together!

My sister and I still laugh when we think about how bad that game was, but how much fun we had at the same time. You can have fun anywhere as long as you're with the right people.

 We cheered so loudly we lost out voices.

And at the end of the day, Luke still thought we won! So we actually all went to bed happy as could be.

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