Halloween is a lot different when your kids are all in school. This year there were no preschool parties or playgroup parties.  Other than the Ward party, we had no excuses to dress up until the big night!

Ellie planned a group costumes with some of her friends from church. They decided to all be Alice in Wonderland characters and make tutus. Sadie was feeling a little left out, so even though she wasn't trick-or-treating with them, we let her dress up in the theme too.
Sadie made an adorable little white rabbit and when I dropped Ellie off, I even got a quick picture of her with the girls who were there already.

We made a quick stop to trick-or-treat at some of our favorite neighbors and then headed up for a party at Kristin's. Nate probably had my favorite costume -- Abraham Lincoln.
My brother-in-law, Kyle, knit his awesome beard.

We ate food and did candy duty while the boys took the kids around.  Dustin and Luke came back pretty early since Luke decided he had enough candy.
He loved spending the rest of the night passing out candy and playing with Charlotte. He did not, however, choose to join us for the haunted house. I screamed like a baby.

Meanwhile, Ellie and her girls were stalking the neighborhood for every piece of candy available. She came home with a whopping 8 pounds.
It was probably our latest Halloween yet, since I usually like to be in bed by ten and we didn't even get home until well after it. The kids all had sleepovers so we missed sorting candy and watching a movie together. It was fun, but definitely a new type of Halloween for us.

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