Utah or Bust!

Every other year, I go up to Utah with some girlfriends for BYU's Women's Conference. Every year our group gets larger and every year we have more fun!
This year we decided to skip the two cars and rent a 15 passenger van. It was the best decision we ever made. I loved being with everyone the whole time.

I can't even give a whole blow-by-blow account of what we did because it was far too much, but I can try and fill in what pictures I took!
Like when we took a pit stop at this gas station and had to get our picture in the giant rocking chair!

We spent the ride up chatting, making fun of Meredith sleeping, and reading People magazine.
We made really great time, ate dinner at Guru's, checked in and immediately went to play tennis. Our games were ridiculous, but we had the best time.
After that we filled our bellies with ice cream at the BYU creamery. 
Thursday morning I ran into 2 of my Freshman roommates from BYU. They were both as beautiful as I remember them. Funny story, I tried to get Dustin to go out with the middle one multiple times when the two of us were just friends.

Shannon is not a member and her family kept asking her if we had converted her yet.

The classes were really good, but Rita's Water Ice was even better!

That night we went to Wallaby's for dinner and then initiated the last few left who didn't belong to the cult of Ooga Booga!

 And then just stayed up late chatting.

Friday was LOVE day!

We took some more classes.

Did some shopping.
 Ate dinner at Pizzeria 712

Ate some dessert at the Chocolate
 Where Karen showed us her food baby

We also pulled some pranks.
Saturday we woke up early to clean up, check out and hike the Y

 Kristin and I treated it like a work out and booked it up the mountain.
 I love seeing Provo from the top of the Y

To treat ourselves, we had brunch at Cafe 300. So yummy and the portions are giant.

 On our way home we stopped by the Payson temple open house
 Where somehow Molly got us a golden ticket to skip the line and the movie!

We spent the night in St. George where we gorged on Cafe Rio and Swigg Cookies

Sunday we made the slow trip home in our BAM! shirts and said good bye to each other, but HELLO to our families and all the goodies we had brought home (cinnamon bears and BYU mint brownies).
 Can't wait for 2017!

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