Playing Catch Up

I'm so far behind that I can't even remember what all has happened since June. So unless I took a picture of it on my phone, it never happened.

The rest of June

Father's Day. I love Dustin! My kids love their dad. We are lucky. I cannot gush enough about him, so I won't even start.

 Luke invented his own food -- Cesarine Surpreme. It's a piece of pizza, chicken nuggets, and french fries inside a burger. It's so gross (Ellie says, "It's actually delicious") and Luke is so proud of it.

 We did some shopping for our upcoming beach trip.

 And sent Ellie off to Girl's Camp
 It was her last year as a Cooper 1st Ward girl. I love all of her friends so much and how they have grown up together.

 While Ellie was gone, we played a lot. Many days were spent at Big Surf.

Or playing King of Tokyo.

And Back-to-School shopping. In June.

Who looks this gorgeous without showering??

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