Back to School 2012

Twas the night before the first day of school
And Mama was crying, just like a fool
The lunches had all been packed with great care
Luckily pinterest had loads of ideas there

The children were nestled all snug in their bed
While Mama watched the Bachelorette finale instead
Earlier they had all laid out their next day's dressing
Then Daddy gave them each a Preisthood blessing

Sadie asked to be the Best Kindergartner Ever
No doubt her teacher will know that she's clever!
The boy couldn't care less if he wore a sack
As long as he had his Mario backpack
While one girl wore curls and a skirt
The other had PE so she got shorts and a shirt

That next morning they made such clatter
Mama made cinnamon rolls to help them get fatter

They took some picture and ran to the car in a dash
Mama wondered how the years went by in a flash

Now it was quiet with just two little feet
At least the house would be easier to keep neat

 To cheer up the Mama and make her spirit hearty
She threw a little Back to School Party
But soon all of her friends left her alone
And she counted the minutes until the kids came home.