So this is summer

We've been in "summer mode" for less than a week, but I'm already loving every second.  I have a chore schedule that has yet to be completed by any child on any day, but they all hit a few things every day.

We also have a general weekly schedule.
Mondays and Thursdays are Big Surf. We actually headed up there our very first day of break. As the moms sat chatting and the kids ran around in their little pack of friends, I couldn't help but feel complete bliss. I know in just a few short months I'll be ready to burn every swimsuit and I'll never want to launder another towel, but for now I'm in heaven
 Luke and Lottie have lots of dates. I hope to use these on their wedding video someday.

Nate and our neighbor Brody as doing swim team Tuesday-Friday (and Saturday meets). This means he is out the door by 6:40 am every morning. Luckily he's the early riser of the family and incredibly responsible, so it's been a fun addition to the schedule (or non-schedule??).

Tuesdays are errand/appointment/clean the house days. I got my hair chopped off on our first Tuesday.

Wednesdays are summer movie days. 10 movies for $7? Yes please. Now the kids all want sit down in the front by themselves and I don't even mind. It's so nice to have everyone sit still for the entire movies this year.

And finally, Fridays are for swimming at friends' pools.
This year, the moms have been doing a much better job of getting in the pool and I think our kids kind of like it.

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