Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

With Ellie and Luke off in Iowa, we didn't sit around much. It felt like we were out and about or my house was filled with kids.
 For Family Home Evening, we went over to the Duclos home to rake leaves into piles and jump into them. Seeing as my kids are native Arizonans, this was a huuuge novelty to them.  Case in point: Ellie just looked over my shoulder and saw this picture and said, "Where *ARE* you?? Somewhere with Fall?"
 After that we sent off dream lanterns. The great idea was to send them off and then follow them to wherever they landed for dessert.
In the end, they floated back down about 3 minutes later in a large empty field right next to where we were and none of us had actually eaten dinner yet, so. . .
We went to Waffle Love. We literally took up the entire place with our brood of children.

 That night, Diane, Kristin and I switched kids around and everyone had a sleepover. I lucked out with the GIRLS!! Only nerd alert, when I sent them to bed, they started reading books??!??
 The next morning I took them all out for the breakfast of champions -- Bosa Donuts. They shared drinks and donuts and even made up a cheer.
When we got back home, they all disappeared and didn't ask for a thing for the rest of the day. At one point I popped out to make sure everyone was still having fun. I found them playing a pretend game where they were homeless.
 After we switched kids back, we quickly headed to the movies to meet Molly, her kids, and the Metcalfe kids for Annie (no picture). The movie was pretty cute, and I was impressed even the boys made it through. Once it was all over we picked up pizza and fed all the kids at my house before some more sleep over swapping. I ended up with all the girls for the night (once again, no pictures).

That night was New Year's Eve and we spent it at Molly's playing games, staying up late and eating yummy, fatty food. I was so grateful for good friends to keep me company and my kids entertained while everyone was off in Iowa.

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