Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Monday we had a very colorful birthday party for my very favorite *almost* 5 year old.
Since Sadie's birthday is right after the holidays my brain is a little fried and so there's really not much of a plan going in. The only thing you can bank on is that I will most likely have it on Martin Luther King Jr Day. All the kids are out of school and I get the best child labor in the universe.
However, usually around January 4th, I realize that I should probably get some birthday invites out to people. This year I called my sister in a panic and asked what themed invites she already had: Barbies and Rainbows. We went for rainbows. I also still have half the invitations. The invites went something like this, "Hey *insert name of friend I randomly see*, Sadie's party is Monday from 2-4. We hope you kid can make it." Then I might show them the picture of the invite on my phone. And that's if you were lucky. Karen asked me about it at Church on Sunday. But hey, kids came and it was fun.

I did have fun coming up with the table decorations. Maybe I should have spent less time making rainbow cupcakes and more time mailing out invites? But I hate mailing things and I LOVE themes. Rainbow parties are actually really easy to throw because EVERYTHING works. I did make these really labor intensive cupcakes, but I figured they might be easier than the mondo layered cake that's floating around. Luckily the kids pretended to be impressed.

We did some rainbow bowling, went on a scavenger hunt, freeze danced, and played some musical felt (like musical chairs, but you know, rainbow themed). The kids were all really good at interacting with each other and having fun, even if they got out.My activity had to be when they were coloring. It was meant to be a gathering activity for the kids to do while we waited for everyone to arrive. Instead I ended up chatting with the moms while my beautiful helpers played Duck Duck Goose and Animal Farm. So in the middle of the party I set them out on the patio (the weather has been freakishly gorgeous here) to color. While I was inside I could hear them all singing Jingle Bells. It was the cutest moment of the party. I love their sweet little hearts and how they find even the smallest thing SUPER fun.

I'm sad I didn't take a picture of the whole group because I absolutely could squish Sadie's friends. Their moms are my most favorite friends and I love all of those kids like they are my own. They were all so polite and appreciative. And CALM!

Finally it was time to open presents. I love how little kids always fight over who gets to give the first gift. As usual, Sadie was spoiled (it helps to have a birthday right after the Target gift sale), and she loved every single one. Living with Sadie is never boring. She thinks everything is the most amazing thing she has ever seen. I enjoy her enthusiasm and love for life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!


Danika said...

I have been wanting to do a rainbow themed party since I saw that cool rainbow cake a few years ago. But SOMEONE insisted on a princess party last year! :) Maybe this year...

Nicole said...

so cute! I LOVE the cupcakes. btw where do you find the time to blog?? You are super mom!

Anonymous said...

Maddy you are the best MOM!!
WHAT a party!
Love Aunt Beaney

Anonymous said...

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