Some people think that modified year round school is over-rated.  I am not one of those people.  In fact, I would argue that *those* people either a) are super jealous or b) hate your children.

But I love my children and I was very sad to send them back to school today after 2 and a half weeks of glorious fun! This is also explains why I haven't been blogging much.  Here's our very busy break in very bad iPhone pictures.

My kids went swimming 5 or 6 times and spent lots and lots of running around the neighborhood with all the kids.

We played at the park, saw Hotel Transylvania, and painted Nate's room.

Still had piano and karate, and Sadie ran for Class President of our house (oh how I love it when they find tape).

They managed not to fight, kept the house clean and even made a tree about how much they love me.

Took the boys in for a well check (Luke is in the 35th percentile for weight -- WOO HOO!  Highest EVER!!), everyone got flu shots, and survived many trips to the grocery store with 4 in tow.

 Between the 3 of them, there were 5 or 6 sleepovers and we also went out to dinner and a play with friends.

General Conference was wonderful -- I did the candy buckets this year and we ate way too much candy, but enjoyed every session.

Including our Saturday night park date while the husband's were at Priesthood Session (which ended up being a very wet evening).

And Sunday morning brunch with the Oregon girls and our 12 children

There were more play dates and a funeral for Lindsay's pet hamster.

 And in the middle  of all that there was a car trip to the Grand Canyon and Utah (more on that later)

We came home just in time to clean out closets, do lots of laundry and celebrate with a lunch and cupcake date.

I would have liked to end October break with all of those great memories, but our very last excitement was a trip to the Urgent Care.  While I was picking Ellie and Brookie up from Activity Days and Dustin was finishing up dinner, Sadie and Nate were having a very intense scooter race.  IN the end they crashed and Sadie's foot ended up between the scooter and wheel and when she pulled it out, she had a deep gash.
She was very very brave and everyone was very sweet to her.  After lots of attention and a little glue, Sadie realized, "It's a good thing I needed to come in, or else they would have been bored all night."

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Kristine Hodson said...

Only Sadie!
I love the Trader Joes picture!
Keep the BLOG posts and pictures coming!
They are the highlight of my day.
I love you.
Aunt Beaney