Good Tidings We Bring. . .

. . . to you and you kids -- at least that's how my kids sing it.  This year we got a lot of caroling in.

For our neighbor and friends we took around sparkling cider.  We started out changing songs every time, but after one very long rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, I told my kids we had to pick one song and stick with it and that it had to be short and fun.  We ended up with Feliz Navidad.  Luke loved it and after each house he would say, "One more house!"

Dustin and I also got to go out caroling with the youth.  We actually do this every year and end up at our house for cookies and hot cocoa afterwards.  This year it was planned very last minute and I contemplated offering up our house, but kept my mouth shut.  Is it bad that I was so happy I did?  It was close to Christmas and I didn't spend forever making cookies and treats to serve anyone or have to clean up all the trash and hot chocolate spills, cookie crumbs and hay for hours afterwards.

The very next night, was caroling with the kids again.  Every year we have a "service" night with some of our friends.  I really want all the kids to be involved, so we keep it relatively simple for now.  Some years we buy gifts for children or the 12 days of Christmas.  I can't wait for the day when the kids are all old enough to go serve in a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, but for this year we went caroling and brought around little treat plates.
 Then we headed back to our house for a popcorn bar and Mr. Kreuger's Christmas.  Who knew there were so many types of popcorn.  I had the best time making/shopping for them all.

And finally -- the next night was caroling AGAIN!  Yes -- another tradition.  My girlfriend Karen's dad has horses and takes everyone out to look at Christmas lights and carol around the neighborhood.  Last year he was recovering from surgery, so we missed it, but this year he was back!!  We were all so excited and headed out for our first ride.  About half way through the ride I start loosing my voice.  And then I couldn't breathe.  And suddenly it hit me -- HORSE ALLERGY (remember that).  I hadn't even touched the horses, so it must have been in the hay or the blankets because it was bad.   Long story short -- got some benadryl, we left all the kids there, and showered.  By tht etime I got home my tongue was swelling and I couldn't talk anymore.  2 albuterol treatments and I was finally breathing again.

But the kids all had fun!

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